I love when people think of me (and give me things).

I got a wonderful bag of fabric from one of my bosses yesterday. He’d been saying for a couple weeks that he had some scraps from his mom lying around he though I might like. I sure was excited to see what was inside!Some of this fabric is left over from a quilt she made him, some of it is from the sixties, some of it, who knows. Most of it is a heavier home decor weight, with a couple polyester solids and some velvet fringe-lined pieces. There are some really amazing vintage prints in there! Many of them are already about 10″ squares and I like the designs so much, I might just sew them right up into a simple patchwork quilt right away!

Thank you Mitchell!

I also got my sweet new smartypants phone the other day. The day finally came when I had to be a big girl and pay my own phone bill. It took me a few days to sync and update all my address books and birthdays and such but I’ve already downloaded some essential apps like Google Skymap, the quilting calculator, Bloglovin, TBTL, and Retro camera. It will all take some getting used to but I’m pretty excited about it.

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