My 27th year: weeks 6 and 7.

36/365 Collecting extinguishers.37/365 Separation.38/365 Front yard fungus.39/365 Single girl (top and backing completed).40/365 Antique churn dash.41/365 Roaring Run.42/365 Kona solids challenge (top and backing completed)43/365 Yard flamingos.44/365 Ball of Amos.45/365 Vintage fabric.
46/365 Flowers.
47/365 I love this house. It looks to be not taken care of very well but the mildew streaked enclosed sun porch, the curved roof over the rounded door, the overgrown plants keeping a sense of secrecy… I’d live there.
48/365 Lump of kitty. His favorite hiding place.
49/365 Golden world after a storm.

3 thoughts on “My 27th year: weeks 6 and 7.

  1. Is your solids challenge piece houndstooth? That's killer. I'm working on a houndstooth quilt right now.
    ~the other Kate from TMQG

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