A bit of thrifting, #5.

My friend Taylor and I went thrifting a couple days ago. We had thought we might go to three or four different places but just one ended up being enough. Mega Thrift is a huge thrift store just south of here that is packed full of color-coded things. I was hoping for a vintage sheet jackpot but no such luck – I got two pillowcases.
I did get a couple pieces of yardage.
Nothing has any info on the selvedges but the floral on top is about 3 yards, the stripe is 4 yards of 36″wide, and the heavier woven stripe is 2 yards. The cottons might become quilt backings and the blue might become a bag. I didn’t think I was crazy about any of them but the longer I look at the stripe (in the middle), the more I like it.
I also bought this crazy leather jacket/dress thing because it was only 10 dollars for real leather that I can easily turn into a few clutches.

I bought a pair of lamps that don’t seem to entirely work, which bums me out. The light inside the globe works but the bulb on top doesn’t, nor are there shades. I might fiddle a little bit and see if I can’t get them working.

I also bought a box of Singer machine attachments, hoping they just might fit my featherweight but alas, the parts require a higher shank. They are for a 503 series Singer Slant-o-Matic and the drawing of that machine in the manual looks pretty awesome! Maybe I’ll keep the parts around and hope to find the machine they belong to :)
Two different friends let me know about sewing machines at thrift stores yesterday and I went to check one of them out today. I don’t remember the manufacturer but it was turquoise and looked to be in good condition and only $25 but I couldn’t quite convince myself to get it. I already have four sewing machines (my Pfaff, my Singer featherweight, an antique Singer in a cabinet that doesn’t work, and the serger), I need another like I need a hole in my head.

2 thoughts on “A bit of thrifting, #5.

  1. I own a slanto- matic. It's an awesome machine. It came complete with a table that has a knee controlled pedal. Mine came from its original owner, however it does need to have it's bobbin winder replaced because the rubber has- um- derubberized over time. I can't get it serviced for less than $80, so it just sits and looks pretty.

  2. Yeah, $80 is the standard tune up price but I think it's worth it, especially for vintage machines. I'm going to keep my eye out!

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