Quilting, quilting.

I spent a fabulous weekend in Roanoke with Lindsay and her quilting machine Ursula.
Sewing on a long arm was great. Loading the quilt on takes the most work and then you mostly hit start and Ursula does the rest. I’d like to learn how to free motion on her one day but for now the computerized pantographs are great. There are some really crazy ones out there!

I can’t show off all the quilts in their entirety because the bindings aren’t finished and two of the three are gifts. I think I might keep them around to show off at the next quilt guild meeting which, I’m sorry, means you might have to wait another three weeks to see the fully finished quilt glamor shots.

In the meantime, I took a couple of pictures while we worked.And this might be my favorite one Lindsay took over the weekend, me picking the RW&B Monster while Ursula quilts away on the Large Hexagons.

I already can’t wait until I finish a couple more quilt tops and can go up again. I think the RW&B one will be ready soon and I plan to feverishly work on the selvedge spiderweb and try to finish that soon. Maybe I’ll knock off all the projects off my Finish It Up challenge list!

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