Finish it Up: week 5.

I still don’t have any pictures to show my progress but I’m slowly checking things off the list.
1. Ring of fire – no progress
2. Black White & Red Monster – a few more stitches picked
3. Large hexagonsfinished!
4. Hexagon scrap quilt – no progress
5. Hope Valley boy – no progress
6. Single Girl throw – almost finished! Half of the binding is left.
7. Single Girl queen – no progress
8. Suits & Ties – no progress
9. Selvage spiderwebs – all the foundations and kites cut, 5 more sections sewn
10. Kona cotton TMQG challengefinished!
11. Tetris mini quiltfinished!
12. Hexagonal Christmas tree skirt – no progress
13. Far Far Away plus quilt – almost! Must be trimmed and bound.Another commission is in the works for Christmas, too!

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