Tubing the Dan.

Yesterday we went tubing with 22 other friends down the Dan River and it was a blast. It was a half hour drive out of town and a 3 hour float. It stormed most of the time which somehow made it even better. It’s surprising how tiring it is, just floating; I slept well last night. I hope we do it again this summer. My work, Krankies, and Single Brothers Bar closes for a day (or two, this year) and takes a tubing trip every year. It’ll be in September I think and I’m really excited about it. Beer, friends, water, camping, food, what could be better?!

Last night began my week of Harry Potter. I have read all the books but hadn’t seen any of the movies so I decided this week to watch a movie a day until next Sunday when I see the newest one in the theater (maybe even in our new IMAX?). I did fall asleep for part of it last night and probably will again this night but I read the books, I know the jist :)

Two weeks ’til the beach. I cannot wait.

Sorry for another picture-less post! There will be some soon, I promise.

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