I am nearly famous.

I’ve yet to mention that I was in the local newspaper last Sunday. I didn’t know until Monday and didn’t actually see a copy until Wednesday but I’ve had a few customers mention it.The article is about the price of coffee and how green beans have doubled in cost in the last year which has led to higher prices for coffee drinks on our end. And then there are Philip and I, being all sincere and helpful :)

I celebrated a little Christmas in July today. I always thought that concept was a little silly but I figured I should be on top of my game (and the Finish It Up challenge) and make some headway on the hexagonal tree skirt. I got the blocks pieced, borders put on, and blocks trimmed. I need to cut out the large triangles that will make the hexagon and figure out how to attach the corners (Y seams?!). I really want a blue snowflake fabric for the other side but I am seriously pinching pennies right now so this project might not get finished as soon as I’d like.

I think I’ve mentioned it here and there but I am in the process of switching my blog from Blogger (which has served me well for over four years) to WordPress. Besides learning the new blogging format, I am also learning how to use Photoshop and Illustrator which I’m finding are not intuitive, at all. What ever happened to Serif Page Plus desktop publishing? I designed a magazine on that when I was 12. Anyway, it’s feeling like slow work but I’m excited by the idea that my blog will have been designed and executed by me, without taking over all of my sewing time. When I’m ready to launch the new site, I have something kinda special to offer you guys. I’m excited for this change!

Oh! One more thing.. I finally finished a puzzle today that I have been working on for weeks, maybe even a couple months. The middle part was pretty simple but the four inches of solid yellow border took a lot of trial and error. Now I’m ready to go buy a couple more (and take one to the beach)!

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  1. How neat! I love the photo in the paper :) It makes me want to come buy a cup of coffee from you.

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