I’ve been feeling like a hermit.

I rarely want to go out, other than to work. There has been a movement away from bars recently and into people back yards and porches which is a much welcomed change. It’s cheaper and ultimately, I think it’s more fun. We had one at our house last night which was slow to start but was a good group of people. I went to bed around 12:30am and people were still dropping by.

There are two more parties tonight that I have decided not to attend. I was feeling really sluggish and worn out today and once it started storming, I knew all I wanted to do was drink tea, work on my website, and curl up in my papasan under a quilt.

I’ve always been a bit of a homebody. Lately however, I’ve been feeling guilty about staying in so much. I don’t know why and I don’t think that I should but if people invite me to things, especially when Marcus is going, and I say “no thanks, I’d rather sit at home by myself,” I feel a little bad. It’s nothing against that person, I’m just antisocial most of the time, especially when it’s uncomfortable hot outside. Have I mentioned how I long for fall?

You might have noticed the lack of pictures around here lately. The battery on our DSLR is dead and the charger is missing. I’ve tried going back to the old point and shoot and even the camera on my phone but I’m having a hard time taking quality photographs, which is unfortunate because I have some things to show off.

I do not want to have to, but I might begin to consider getting a second job. I am scraping by and not having any disposable income to buy more fabric or anything that’s not for a commission, which really bums me out. We have a large change jug that I’m hoping to empty and exchange for my trip to Utah and the shop hop. If I can even get my plane ticket.

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