I feel like I’ve been really busy with quilty related things but like I haven’t gotten anything done that I can show for it.

I embroidered a label for a quilt last night but it’s one of my commissions so I can’t show it to you. I have mostly been working to compile a list of all the quilts I’ve ever made for my new website and wrangling pictures from people I gave quilts to back when I didn’t realize the importance of photographing them. I’m kind of appalled about that, honestly. These days I probably take at least 30 pictures of every quilt and it’s process but many of the first weren’t documented at all. That said, I do have at least one picture of almost all of them by now and I hope that one day I will visit all these people and take the photos that they deserve.

I set out this morning to clean my studio but in the midst of that effort, I kept just finding things to work on. So I finished a couple grocery totes from way back around May craft faire time, I boxed up a couple works in progress that were strewn about, I measured the angles of my Christmas tree skirt and realized I’ll have to take apart and redo 5 of 6 pieces, and made some headway on my Single Girl quilt.
I like how my phone takes wide photos.

I’m learning from the first one I made (a gift I have yet to give and show) and I realized why I ended up with twice the green backgrounds I needed – the fabric was folded in half when I traced and cut! Duh! But that just means I’ll get to make a third Single Girl quilt (with Kaffe Fassett?) and that a’int such a bad thing. So I’m cutting the backgrounds a little bigger so i can trim them down better, I’m not pinning anything, and I’m pressing the seams in opposite directions so I can match up the rings better. So far so good; two rings down, only 14 to go!

When I was photographing old quilts today Amos snuck outside to “hunt” and roll around in the grass. It was pretty cute but when I brought him back inside, he wouldn’t stop crying. I wish he could be an outdoor cat but that time he was missing for 24 hours really freaked me out…

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