I won! I won!

Yesterday morning I was surprised to learn I won a giveaway on MsMcPorkchop Quilts blog. Amanda is one of my favorite people in the quilting world and when I read my name as the winner, my heart gave a little leap, and then I felt guilty about how long my comment had been :) So this morning I get an email from Pat Sloan about receiving the prize and it sunk in. I have entered countless giveaways on the blogs I read but resigned myself to never winning and now I have!

Oh, and what was it I won? I guess that part’s important. It’s a piece of software called QuiltAlbum. It’s a place to store the pictures and important information about each quilt you make, something that I just spent hours and hours gathering so I could have it all on record (it will be available on my new blog, coming very soon!). Marcus and I talked for a while about trying to build a website that was basically a Ravelry for quilters but it would have taken too much time to create, and now we don’t have to! Here is Amanda’s review of QuiltAlbum and I will give my own as soon as I get to play around with it.

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