Okay, summer can end now.

Vacation is over and we are back home. It was such a lovely week at the beach with good friends that it’s sad coming back to the real world.
We went to Carolina Beach, just south of Wilmington NC and stayed in the same house we did last year which is a block from the ocean. It was really hot most of the days (and nights) but we cooked, ate, played games, drank a lot, sat on the porch, slept, laughed… everything you want from a vacation.

The Fat Pelican, one of the coolest bars ever.

I only got in the water a couple times. I’ve never really liked swimming in the ocean, actually. I got taken down by a wave in Hawaii when I was 8 and to this day, it still stresses me out to be amongst waves. I did finally get out there on the fourth day and thankfully, we were able to be in a shallow spot behind where the waves broke, so I could relax a little and enjoy myself.


I had set out with the goal of reading a book, doing a puzzle, and working on a quilt. I finished “The Perks of Being a Wallflower,” one of my favorite books in high school (maybe even junior high?) and made a dent in “Geek Love” by Katherine Dunn, which I’m really enjoying so far (thanks for the recommendation Saylor!). I did not have a puzzle to take with me but there was plenty of Apples to Apples, Yahtzee, and Catch Phrase to go around. I had hoped to get my Single Girl quilt to the point where I could take it with me and begin hand quilting but that didn’t happen, so I grabbed my hexagons and made some headway (to be shown on Wednesday). I also crocheted a baby hat on the drive there, the cherub cheeked beanie.

We were told to bring linens so I brought our bed quilt, and though it turned out it wasn’t needed, it was a piece of home that made the bedroom cozy.

It’s hard to come back for work and all but it wouldn’t be a vacation if it lasted forever. I am now fully ready for fall to arrive and am looking into our next group trip possibility, a cabin in the mountains by a lake perhaps? Yes, please.

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