I think I decided what I want to do for the Habitat challenge and now I’m completely obsessed with it!  It’s all I want to work on!  I think I’m going to have to hold off for a little while though.  Not that I don’t have plenty of other things to occupy my time.

Most of today was spent on the dining room floor thread basting my Single Girl queen sized quilt.

The dining room is the only floor space big enough to baste most quilts on.  I realized today how much I hate thread basting but it works much better when you’re hand quilting.  I’ve traced and am cutting a template to mark the quilting lines and then I can take it off the floor and get to work!  I’m determined to finish in less than a year (which is how long my first and most recent hand quilting endeavor took).

As an aside, and something else I’ve been a bit obsessed with lately, I have never been much into yoyo quilts. I don’t know why, they just always seem old fashioned in a not-so-hip way. Until I saw this one on Pinterest.It is so fresh and cheery looking!  Penny of Sew Take A Hike started a Yo Yo Quilt Along a few months back and I’m thinking of joining her.  I’d love to make it all with vintage fabric but that might be asking a lot.  I think I’ll buy one of the makers and maybe just start with some white ones.

I’m a little ashamed to admit it but ever since we moved into this house (13 months ago), we’ve never stocked our pantry.  We’ve always bought on a per meal basis which was not the most efficient.  But we were inspired by our week at the beach with all the cooking we did with only one shopping trip.  So today, I stocked.

I bought the makings for 6 dinners, a few lunches and breakfasts.  I’m excited about it!

I made tacos tonight and while they definitely weren’t my best, they are one of the easiest and my favorite dinners.

Here’s to a week of better eating.  Or at least, eating at home.

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