Hexagons for Humpday #8

I actually made some good headway on this project while at the beach.  (The large sewn section is right side down, just because :)

237 hexagons sewn to another – 20%
140 papers removed – 12%
477 basted (and not sewn together) – 41%

I hadn’t actually been liking it very much until recently.  I still think the section is small enough that I pick out particular fabrics and the way they clash with their neighbors instead of seeing it as a whole.  It’s growing on me though, and I’m sure I’ll love it once it’s finished (if it ever is).

I started on a baby quilt today made with Kaffe Fasset stars and while I was at JoAnn’s I saw that the new Denyse Schmidt Quilts Collection, Sugar Hill has arrived!

I haven’t heard the buzz in blogland like there was for Picnic and Fairgrounds but I love what I saw!  I know I will be making some clothes and quilts with that fabric.  Most pattern envelopes show terrible representations of the pattern inside but I recently found a great website that shows you modern, stylish renderings and it has started a long list of patterns I want to buy.  (Well, what Make This Look actually does is find a dress they already like from somewhere like Anthropolgie or ModCloth and then finds the sewing pattern that best recreates it.)  A 5 for $5 sale on Simplicity patterns starts at JoAnn’s on Friday and I might just have to take advantage of that!

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