The weekend.

I had myself a pretty good time. On Saturday I quilted a baby quilt before work and that evening we went to a bike in movie.

Some friends of ours have started a bicycle co-op in town and this event was a time to get you bike checked out and watch PeeWee’s Big Adventure. It was projected on the outside white wall of our friend’s warehouse and about 30 of us laid on blankets (on top of tarps because it had rained earlier that day) and ate crappy cheezy popcorn. I fell asleep but it was overall, a really good time.  I think we’ll be doing it regularly.Sunday after work I drove to Durham to hang out with Caitlin. We met through the quilt guild and had a really good time together (if I do say so myself). We sewed at her apartment for awhile (I bound a whole baby quilt!) and then met up with her husband and went to dinner where I had a burger called the Wisconsin Hangover Cure (which was delicious). I sewed on her machine a little bit and now I’m in love.  I want one.  It’s a Juki and that’s all I know but it was just fancy enough and just basic enough.  She’s fun and I hope we get to hang out again soon! (Actually I know we will, Marcus is playing at wine bar in Chapel Hill tomorrow and they’re going to join us.)

Today I embroidered the label for the aforementioned quilted and bound baby quilt and will probably wash it tomorrow and it’ll be ready to go. I’m always amazed how quickly I can accomplish things when I just go for it – front and back pieced in a day, quilted in a day, bound in a day, labeled in a day. Yay!

I did take advantage of the Simplicity pattern sale at JoAnn’s and bought a few.  I rushed home and started on a dress and promptly made three mistakes in a row, so I set it aside. I gave it another go this morning and got all of it together except the zipper.  It’s not perfect but I love it (it has pockets!) and will probably make a couple more with this pattern.  It only uses 1 ⁵⁄₈ yards!  Now I’m left deciding what color buttons to put on the front, yellow (not very noticeable), blue, or orange?

This week I’ll be starting a commission in earnest and fingers crossed, cleaning up my room.  I’ll let you know what happens!

One thought on “The weekend.

  1. You are so much better then me at finishing large quilts. I have a bunch of tops I need baste and quilt. I have worked on my swaps though. I like the dress with the blue buttons if you want to be bold and yellow if you want a softer look. I guess it depends on how the neckline is and which color looks better with your skin/eyes.

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