Two finishes in two days.

Whoo hoo for me!

This wall hanging was the beginning of a quilt that was not at all like I pictured.  I cut all the rectangles I’d need to make a full sized quilt in this design but after making this many, I kind of hated it.  I brought it out a few months later and cut things up more and tried something else, something I also didn’t like.  So into a box it went, until recently.  I hung it up on my design wall for a little while to see if I wanted to continue down that path but in the end, I decided to just make it a wall hanging.

And wouldn’t you know, now that it’s all quilted and bound, I actually quite like it, and it’ll be perfect for the person I’ll be giving it to.  You can read a few more stats on my 2011 finished quilts page.

I made this baby quilt from start to finish in five days and pulled it out of the dryer to photograph it yesterday.  It’s one of the most improvisational quilts I’ve done and I love it.  It’s for a friend’s baby so I can’t show too many pictures yet, but I will before too long.  I used the same fabrics as I did for the wall hanging and a green dot from JoAnn’s.  More info to come!

I started a mini quilt today.  I’ll be keeping it mostly a secret for a while (like most things seem to be these days) but it started with this.  (Sorry the picture’s so blurry, the lens fogged up when I went into the humid outside and I didn’t notice until just now!)

And now the rest of my evening will be spent with some tea, chocolate chip cookies, my Single Girl quilt, and The Kennedy’s on the television.  Not too shabby.

Yes this cup is from Starbucks but I bought it in London at a great little two story shop by a harbor.  That justifies it in my mind :)

2 thoughts on “Two finishes in two days.

  1. I love love love the colors in all of those quilts! I love the wall hanging, even though you didn’t like the way it was originally. Your work is amazing! I wish I had your patience.

    1. Thanks Amy! Quilting is such a great hobby, if you can reupholster something, you should give it a try sometime! Wish I could hop on over there and teach you :)

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