Lightening speed.

I made another mini quilt yesterday in a feverish 5½ hours.

The company Marcus works for is called Airtype (and is the reason we moved to Winston Salem) and they had their 5 year anniversary/grand opening of their new building party last night.  (They also soft launched their new website yesterday; check it out!)

I had thought for a month or so about making them a mini quilt with their logo but didn’t know how I could achieve exactly the look I was going for, I didn’t put it into action.  But yesterday at work I decided it was going to happen in a simplified form so I drew it up around 11am and set to work when I got home at 1.I used Oh Fransson‘s interfacing method from Sew Mama Sew for the squares, which I especially like to use with wall hangings, as it makes everything a little stiffer.  I then sewed a black and hot pink border on it before backing it with some skulls, adding a hanging sleeve in with the binding (my new favorite method),

outline quilting the logo and some random black squares, binding it in black with a couple white stripes on top,

and adding a tiny label.I wrapped it up and headed out the door, only 20 minutes late.  I gave it to Bryan (the owner) and he seemed to really like it and was so grateful.  I hope I find it hung up next time I’m st the office!

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