May you rest.

I was ready to come back to my computer and get on the internet for the first time in days, to write about the fun weekend of tubing with my coworkers, to mention a commission I’m working on and the mock up I made of it today, to be really excited that fall was in the air today and that the windows of the house are open, to show the second dress I made from my new favorite pattern, and to mention some television I’ve enjoyed lately, when I got an email that a friend of mine died last night.

Levi and I were never super close but he was one of the kindest people with the greatest smiles I’ve ever known.  He has been battling cancer for a few years and finally let go to be with God.  I’m glad he’s not in pain anymore but I grieve that the world lost such a wonderful human.

So leaving all the petty things aside, the dresses and the weather, I just want to send Levi some love, a huge hug, and a thank you.

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