The ergonomics of my sewing room suck.  I’m ashamed to admit that my sewing table and my cutting table are the same table.  Ugh, I know.  There should be at least an 6″ height difference between them so it’s too high to sew on and too low to cut on.

But I make do.  It mostly means I need to break it all up, sew a little, cut a little, iron some, lay on the floor, ya know.  So a day full of cutting was hard on my back.  I took a stack of 12 or 14 plaid button up shirts and cut them into flat pieces, ready to be cut again into triangles and sewn into kaleidoscope blocks.  I am debating changing the layout from this mock up I made to this pattern.  Opinions?

One thought on “Soreness.

  1. Would you keep the solid space that appears in the second one? Or would you use plaid there as well? I like both designs, but I’m leaning more toward the second one. Interested to see which you choose!

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