Reading, listening, watching, creating, #6

Sheesh, I should really try to do these more often.  It’s been since June!

I started reading “Geek Love” by Katherine Dunn on our beach vacation last month and only recently finished it.  It’s a story about a sideshow family that has been created by taking certain drug cocktails during pregnancy to produce children such as Arturo the “Aqua Boy” who has fins for arms and legs or Olympia the albino, hunchbacked dwarf.  It was unlike any story I’ve read before but really enjoyed it.

Now I’m reading “the Virgin Suicides” by Jefferey Eugenides.  I watched the movie again recently and having loved his second book, “Middlesex,” I thought I’d give this a try.  It’s a pretty easy read and so far I’m impressed how much like the book the movie was, though the book is much more… dingy.  I don’t know that that’s the right word but Sophia Coppola has a way of making everything kind of dreamy.  This story has more sadness and decay than the movie put forth.

I have been in love with the tv show Castle.  I first heard of it through my favorite podcast and then I was looking through a slideshow regarding the season premiers this fall, it was mentioned that season three ended with Castle telling Kate that he loves her after she gets shot.  If that wasn’t reason to try it out, I don’t know what would be.  But, now I’ve had three seasons to watch, knowing that eventually it gets to that point, which has kind of been driving me crazy.  In a fun way, of course.

It’s kind of a cheesy show about a writer, Rick Castle (Nathan Fillion), who, after consulting on a case where the killer murdered according to characters in his books, finds inspiration in Detective Kate Beckett and begins shadowing her while writing his new book(s) about Nikki Heat.  He makes a lot of bad jokes and they have, two seasons in, danced around their feelings for each other.  But I know an “I love you” comes eventually!

I haven’t really been listening to music much, honestly.  Having to DJ 6 hours of music at work every day makes me kind of sick of picking things out.  I still love Bon Iver’s record and am looking forward to getting Blind Pilot’s newest album but Castle has been my main entertainment.  Marcus and I did go see O’Death in Durham a couple weeks ago and it was such a good show.  It was at a small place called The Pinhook and they put on a good performance (I have a soft spot for bands that have both drummers and percussionists).

After a whirlwind few days with three finishes, it’s felt a little slow going around here.  I’ve continued to cut and press the plaid shirts.  The money I saved buying thrifted shirts, I’ve spent in time getting them prepped to be used.  I decided to change the layout a little bit and maybe use a combination of solids instead of just the quilter’s linen.  Not all the plaids are cut on the straight grain so I’m nervous the top will be really busy, not to mention all the bias edges.  Caitlin came over for a sewing date yesterday during which I finally finished cutting all the plaids and will hopefully cut out the linen triangles today.  She brought her Kona cotton challenge to bind which looks great!

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