Busy, busy.

I’ve been busy, busy, busy lately. I don’t feel like I have a whole lot to show for it but I’ve definitely been sewing a lot. I have a long arm date with Ursula and Lindsay this weekend so I’m trying to get as many tops done as I can (I’m hoping for three).

I’ve made all the kaleidoscope blocks so they need to be trimmed and sewn together. I’ve made some headway on my Modern Crosses quilt, though it isn’t the quick project that I was thinking it would be. I’ve cut some of my Habitat up but have yet to start sewing.

The Sewing Summit is in 10 days!! I am so excited about this trip. I can’t wait to meet all these bloggers I read and take some amazing classes.  There are a couple projects I’d like to finish before hand and maybe start a couple projects to take with me.  I’ve decided not to take my machine but I want to have plenty of things to keep my hands busy while I sit and chat.

I have been needing a wallet that could hold more than just my cards and a little cash so I found Noodlehead’s zippy wallet tutorial and whipped one up.  Looking at my fabrics, I found 10 combinations that I’d like to make.  I think I might have found a good Christmas gift!I finished “The Virgin Suicides” and started “In The Woods,” a book I remember seeing in the bookstore when it came out but got at the Mission for 25 cents.  It’s good so far, I wish I had more time to read it.  I started watching Mad Men this week and I like it.  I told Marcus yesterday that I don’t I-have-to-watch-the-next-episode-NOW love it, but after what I watched today, all I can think about it getting home to watch the next one.  It’s kind of like the Castle situation was, I know that at some point Don proposes to his kids’ nanny but he’s still married to Betty (Betsy?) at this point and I keep speculating as to whether she dies or they divorce (probably the latter).  If I keep watching at this rate, I’ll find out very soon.

Okay, back to work.

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