Happy Halloween!

I have never really been into Halloween. I’ve hardly dressed up since I was 13 or so. I have never lived anywhere that really cared about Halloween, until here and this year.

There is a huge party at Krankies every year with cover bands and costumes.  I volunteered to work and was at a cash bar in the performance space that few people knew about so I wasn’t very busy but I got to watch all the bands. Dick Dale, Weezer, The Monkees, The Buzzcocks, Nirvana, and Led Zeppelin played.  I think Nirvana were amazing, as was Haydee as Robert Plant.  I wanted to wear comfortable clothes but still wanted to “dress up” so I had my friend Taylor do my make up and went like this

and it was awesome.  (The skull and roses skirt is actually a dress I made years ago.  I haven’t worn it in years either but I’m thinking of making it a skirt and maybe it’ll get more use.)

Until it came to wash it off, when it looked like this

Marcus took probably 25 pictures of me washing my face 5 times, and none of my make up when it looked good :)  Overall, I was really happy with it, Taylor’s help, and every one’s compliments.

Saturday was also Marcus’ birthday.  He’s not into making a huge deal about it but I picked up on a little “I want..” he put down last week and bought him a Single Brothers t-shirt, and took him out to dinner (along with our friends Saylor and Marcia).  He got to sleep a lot and had a lot of fun at the party so all in all, it was good.  Here’s to another year, love.

Tonight, on proper Halloween, I’m not doing anything.  Stitch ‘n’ Bitch is cancelled and so I sit at home and sew, which is just fine with me.

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