I have a pretty good number of tattoos. I started when I was 18 and have gotten a new one every year or two since then, a trend that will probably continue for a long time.

Sunday night I got my most recent piece, a tattoo that will be part of an art project and show in January. I won’t give too many of the details yet but here’s my piece.

It’s on the inside of my right arm and I will say this was without a doubt the most painful tattoo I’ve ever gotten (though I’m working on a theory that the most recent one is always the most painful :). I squirmed so much and Matt, my friend that was doing the work, said he thought I was going to punch him. I would never have done that but my constant squirming did result in one little color outside the line accident.  (The border lines don’t look straight but they are, they’re just in that weird dry, cracking, almost peeling phase and my arm isn’t flat, of course.)  But no mind, I love it. I can’t wait for the whole piece to come together and be able to show it off!

Many thanks to Evan for putting this together and Liberty Tattoo for making it happen!

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