Previously unbloggable #1.

I love making quilts as gifts for people.  If only it wasn’t so hard to keep it a secret! (Warning, this is a picture heavy post.  I’m in love with this quilt!)

This one was especially hard to not talk about.  May I just say this is one of my most favorite quilts of all time.  It’s for Taylor, my best childhood friend and I started it, ahem, two years ago.  She began hinting pretty hard that she wanted a quilt from me so I asked her if, theoretically, I was to make her one, what her favorite colors were.  She responded with “lavender and paisley.”  Few things could better describe Amy Butler’s Love collection, which I’d already bought for her quilt!

I based the pattern off of Amy’s Sexy Hexy quilt pattern but I didn’t want the hexagons that big, nor did I want to applique the center hexies.  I had the fat quarter stack above to make the quilt out of and some coordinating solids so I figured out how big the hexagons would have to be to make the best use of the fabric.

As you can sort of see from the above picture, I sewed two sets of three strips together

and using a Super 60 ruler, cut the sections out:

3 full and two halves from each set, resulting in the sections for two full hexagons, one with the purple on the outside, one with the light blue on the outside.  I sewed three sections together and after laying them out on my design wall,

sewed the hexagon halves into strips and the strips together to make the quilt top.

The half sections were then sewn into full hexagons

and used on the back (that’s a lot of seams meeting in the middle!).The rest of the backing is a couple of the prints from Love in flannel, and small sections of the fat quarters I didn’t use on the quilt front.

Lindsay helped me quilt this beauty on her long arm machine Ursula in a lovely feather pattern with pale blue thread.  It’s bound with one of my favorite prints, water bouquet in midnight and labeled.

The day after I finished the quilt, Taylor’s dad asked me to make her one for Christmas.  What perfect timing!  That left me more time to work on another quilt I will get to show you soon.  Taylor received it from her dad the other night with exactly the reaction I could hope for,

I just wish I’d been able to see it first hand.

I hope you get many years of warm comfort from the quilt, Tay!  I love you, friend.  Hope you don’t mind I put this picture up here :)

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  1. This is probably my most favorite quilt of yours I’ve seen! I love the vibrant, bright colors. You have an amazing gift, my friend. Merry Christmas :)

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