Reading, listening, and watching #8

I was sick last weekend with a head/throat cold that was not fun.  I slept a lot and while I hardly read at all or listened to much music, I did watch a lot of things.  My newest love (obsession) is Parks & Recreation.  How have I not watched this show until now?!  I watched everything up ’til now in just a few days and I’m crazy about it.  They make me want to work in that office, live in a small Midwestern town, and be friends with Leslie Knope.  I’ve heard that Louis CK is coming back for 4 episodes which makes me happy because I like him but a little sad because I like Adam Scott (from Party Down, another favorite) so much.

I also watched a lot of movies like Bridesmaids (loved it), The Adjustment Bureau (liked it), The Lincoln Lawyer (liked it), Tree of Life (mostly liked it), Source Code (liked it), and Kick Ass (really liked it).

I’m still making my way through Frankenstein.   There is, in my opinion, a really annoying review of it on GoodReads that makes me wonder if we’re reading the same book  And the 73 people that like that review?  I guess honesty has it’s place and we all have our tastes.  Although I like it enough to have read it an a few days, it’s taken me over a month to read.  I’ve only really been reading before bed which means I make it through 2-5 pages and then I’m asleep.  Maybe when the quilting/creating slows down in March, I’ll have time to get sucked into a book.  I did get three books in the mail from my Dad.  I know exactly what they are but I still want something to open on Christmas morning!

2 thoughts on “Reading, listening, and watching #8

  1. I’ve never watched Parks and Rec. Maybe I need to give it a try. I’m reading The Book Thief right now and although it’s gotten mostly great reviews and has a really interesting premise, I’m muddling through slowwwwly….

    1. Hey Paige! I had watched a few episodes a year or so ago and didn’t care for it but it was the perfect show to put on while I sew and I fell in love! I say give it a try. And no shame in reading books slowly! Sometimes I read a book in three days, sometimes it takes me three months, and that’s okay. At least that’s what I keep telling myself :)

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