Quilting standstill = cooking!

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter you’ll know I had to finish three quilts in five days, starting this past Wednesday. I knew I could finish the task and having received a walking foot for my Featherweight early last week, I felt ready to take on the sewing world! :) So I completed the tops in two days…and pieced the girls’ names for the backs.  However, I am left waiting for the friend who commissioned me to make these quilts to match each top with each of her nieces so I can finish the quilt backings and get basting and quilting!  I was on a roll and excited to add three more finishes to my list but now I’m left waiting…  So I don’t know that I’ll finish these by Monday but I will cross them off the list this year!

So instead of feeling aimless regarding quilts, I began to cook.  I am waiting for the second rise of pretzel bread (highly recommended by Jeni) to make sandwiches with including sausage and grilled onions and I threw together Vanessa’s super simple 3-minute fudge (so easy it feels like cheating!).  I will make the dough for pumpkin cinnamon rolls tonight so they can be baked first thing in the morning, to be followed by a delicious dinner that I’m excited to make.  Check back in the next couple days to see all the yumminess.

I have read of so many people baking tons of cookies and it makes me wish I had thought to get some friends together and do that this year.  Walking the dogs tonight I noticed all the neighbors that have been kind to me and deserve a little something.  Not to mention the lovely customers that gave me a card with $20 in it at work this week.  But, cookies or not, I am reminded of all the important people in my life.

I wish you the merriest of Christmases.  Go watch this and it might just brighten the day a little more :)


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