Bring it on, new year.

I only accomplished about half of the things I put on last years list but no mind, I’m still making a list for this year!

  • Bake a loaf of bread every week (I began a sourdough starter a couple days ago!)
  • Complete (at least) a quilt a month
  • Go to yoga once a week
  • Become a morning person! (can I make myself be that?  I’ll do my best.)
  • Complete a Dessert a Month (so excited about trying cross stitch!)
  • Plant a garden.  It’s about time!
  • Keep on Farming!

I’m sure there’s more but that’s probably enough for now :)

I was pretty close to finishing a couple things last year so I’m hurrying along to get a finish (or three) onto my 2012 list.

I started my Farmer’s Wife blocks and I’m in love!  They are Bat Wing (#5) and Basket Weave (#4).  I plan on paper piecing them, unless some other method makes more sense (such as Basket Weave which was strip pieced).  I like to think I will make more than two a week but it will probably even out that way.

Anyway, I feel too discombobulated to keep writing so I’ll return to my crocheted granny hexagons!

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