LMP+QG: January challenge: colored pencil roll

A little while back, my friend Caitlin had the great idea of picking a book and working through it, doing a project a month together and then blogging about it – an idea that I loved!  I flipped through some of her books and we settled on Last Minute Patchwork and Quilted Gifts by Joelle Hoverson because it has more than just quilts and is conveniently sectioned off by amount of time each project takes.

I picked the first project and I chose the colored pencil roll – a completely selfish decision, having just bought some.

I loved picking through my stash and grabbing colors that matched the 24 pack of pencils.

The only color I had to use a solid for was purple.

I used linen for the pocket and outside and although I love how it looks, it was a difficult fabric to work with and required a lot of starching.  I went beyond the pattern and added two strips of square scraps to the outside of the roll.I also used more of the scraps and linen and made a cover for my sketchbook!

One of my goals for this year is to sketch again.  I used to be a “visual fine artist” in high school (drawing and painting) and have been drawing since before I can remember.  I am inspired by Amanda’s sketches/paintings and would like to start simply, picking things up on walks with the dogs and sketching them at home.

In fact, while taking photos of this, I grabbed a pinecone from the yard and began drawing it.  I need some practice (and an erasure and blending stick!) but it feels good to do it after so long.Be sure to check out Caitlin’s beautiful piece!  I love that she used dark fabric for hers.

Check back next month for the stacked coins quilt.

4 thoughts on “LMP+QG: January challenge: colored pencil roll

  1. Yours turned out beautifully! I love the patchwork on the outside. I managed to use a print for everything but the white—that was a tough one for me!

  2. Love the linen and I love Caitlin’s gray as well. Your pine cone is fabulous, too. My oldest son loves to draw so we’re starting to delve into this new world of art. :)

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