Don’t let my silence fool you…

I have been very busy around here. I sent off a quilt today that I’ll be able to show off next week and I’m feverishly quilting a baby quilt for a friend’s shower this weekend.

After these two I have no impending deadlines but that doesn’t mean I don’t have lots of things I want to finish! I’m sure a springtime finishing challenge will pop up in blogland somewhere and I intend to join. How great would it be to enter into summer with a clean slate?!

2 thoughts on “Don’t let my silence fool you…

  1. Oo! Im intriqued to see that quilt finished! Are you quilting it on a featherweight? That’s my piecing machine but I just found out that thee is a walking foot that fits a featherweight! The FW man at the FPQ quilt show in Clemmons these weekend has one. Cost$35 so I will have to earn some more $$ before I can get one.

    1. I am quilting it on my Featherweight! I bought a walking foot for it from an online shop called April 1930s and have been really happy with it! This quilt is giving me a little grief but no mind, I still love it and should finish it soon.

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