A fun little challenge.

I got a little something in the mail this week all the way from Australia.

Caitlin told me a few weeks ago about a challenge being put forth by Umbrella Prints that I’m excited to take on.  Umbrella Prints is a textile house in South Australia that make hand printed organic fabrics and the challenge is that you buy a random pack of their trimmings (hemp/cotton fabric screen printed with eco-friendly inks) and then you have until May 31st to make something beautiful with them which you photograph and submit to them to win either Judge’s Choice or People’s Choice.It’s a pretty interesting mix of fabrics, mostly blues with some neon red-ish orange thrown in.  I think I know what I want to do, based off a quilt I pinned a few months back.  I’ll be sure to give more details when I get started and let you know when you can vote for my piece!

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