A quick finish.

I finished a quilt top last night!  I have a commission on my design wall that I’ve had for way too long. It has proven to be the most challenging project ever, actually.  I finally took the leap and started sewing things together a little Wednesday night but yesterday, feeling stressed about a lot of things, I needed to work on something quick and easy.I had the pieces for this top cut out months ago, right after I finished the girl version of the same design.  At that time I had run out of the dark grey and couldn’t find more yardage of it.  It wasn’t until I got the Kona color card in Jeni‘s class at Sewing Summit that I figured out it was charcoal and ordered some more.  I only had to cut a few more pieces out and then was able to piece the squares into rows and the rows into a top.  It was just the nearly instant gratification (only about 3 hours of work!) that I needed.Now to get the rest of it put together.  And work on that daunting quilt…

4 thoughts on “A quick finish.

    1. Yeah, I could have sworn I originally bought it there (and maybe I did) but I never found it on subsequent visits. And thank you :) I’m pleased with the color play, too.

  1. Kona Charcoal’s a tricky one to track down sometimes. I’ve bought it at Hancock’s or Joann’s once before, then went for months without seeing it again. It’s the perfect background for these scrappy squares – nice finish! Good luck with the commissioned project!

  2. I love this quilt top! Hope valley is one of my favorite lines, and I love how you let the prints speak for themselves in this layout. I also hadn’t previously seen you other quilt made in this design, and I love it too!

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