LMP+QG April challenge: Peanut the Elephant

My friend Cait and I are making a project every month from Last Minute Patchwork and Quilted Gifts.  You can see past projects here.

Originally Cait and I were going to make the Summer Breeze picnic quilt but as the days wore on and neither of us had chosen fabric for it, we decided to trade with May and made Peanut the Elephant.

These instructions were especially frustrating and while I felt like I as winging it a lot of the time, she came together in about 3 hours and I love her.  As did my friend Rose.  She is half of the band Vandaveer who played here on Saturday.  She came into town earlier in the day and stopped by the studio while I was working on this little girl and fell in love. So, of course, I had to give it to her.  After she left I embroidered Rose’s name on this girl’s haunches and gifted it later that night.  I hope she is well loved!

I made her from fabric I’d had in my stash for a very long time and a Denyse Schmidt print.  I really like that the trunk is gathered at the end.  I don’t like that I used nearly a whole bag of stuffing and she still wasn’t stuffed enough.  I only sewed on the dark part of the eyes and gave her some eyelashes.  She is awfully cute!

Not only Rose but three other people fell in love and asked if I could make them one.  Looks like a have more small stuffed elephants in my future!  Be sure to check out Cait’s lovely wee one.

Next month’s project: Summer Breeze picnic quilt.  I picked out the patterned fabrics, I just have to decide on the background.

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