It’s done!

So it turns out that sewing on snap tape sucks.

It was definitely the most labor intensive part of this duvet cover, Last Minute Patchwork + Quilted Gifts’ long-overdue June project.  (You can see past projects from this book here.)

Now it’s finished and I’m happy about that, but I’m not sure I actually like it. I bought the Meadowlark by Denyse Schmidt print before I decided to paint my bedroom wall bright magenta, but hopefully the colors are bright enough that the combination will grow on me.

I don’t currently own a comforter, so I thought this would be a good motivator to buy one (and dream of colder days). The pattern made a duvet 80″ x 86″ but most of the comforters I found at Ikea were 86″ square so I made the outer borders all the same width.  I also varied from the pattern by top stitching two lines in bright orange around the outside.

Make sure to check out Caitlin’s beautiful duvet!  I love that Lotta Jansdotter print, I’d like to make some curtains from that (if it didn’t seem to be sold out nearly everywhere)!

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