The post craft fair calm. Sort of.

The Krankies Craft Fair on Saturday went pretty well.  The spring one is never as good as Christmas, which makes sense, but I had a good time and gained a little bit of a fabric budget :)

I also bought some really neat things like a t-shirt and screen print on wood from a really nice guy named Thomas Dean from Charlottesville, VA and a couple prints from Blue Raspberry Designs who is from here.  It was a really good fair as far as vendors go.

For the last printing of my business cards I got my Etsy shop address on them, a shop that I’ve never actually opened.  But now, I have enough things left over that I have no reason to not finally sit down, photograph, and post everything.  I’m just not sure what to do about having 30 $5 things… Do I post them all separately and pay the posting fee?  Do any of you sellers have any tips?

So now that that deadline has passed, I have two quilt commissions due in three weeks and July’s Last Minute Patchwork project which actually, proudly, I have already gotten to the quilting phase and made the binding for.  Hopefully everything else will go as smoothly!

4 thoughts on “The post craft fair calm. Sort of.

  1. I like the photo!. BTW if you check etsy changed their policy. You can list multiple items per listing but they will only charge you for one. When it sells it auto changes the amount and charges you for the next listing. Good luck!

  2. Hey, a lot of crafters feature a few, say wallets, in their main photo, and the title reads “multi colored quilted zip wallets’
    then they use the next 4 photos to display a few options, and one photo has ALL the ones they have ready…then they can just message you for which one they’d like.

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