LMP+QG July: Little snippets quilt

I began writing the post for July’s LMP+QG project on the 16th of this month, having just finished the front, back, and binding, way ahead of schedule.  Then I was hit with two weeks of sickness and I went from being ahead of the game to behind, once again.

Each month my friend Caitlin and I make a project from Last Minute Patchwork + Quilted Gifts.  You can see past projects here.

Caitlin and I decided that this month’s quilt would be small, which made for a pretty quick baby sized quilt.  I wanted to work completely from my stash but I didn’t have any yardage of solid so I went with this small dot that I’d used in this quilt.

For the back I used a Lizzy House Castle Peeps print and lengthened it by using the same technique from the front to make larger pieces with the same black prints.

The front is really minimal and sophisticated while the back is more playful.  I’m not sure if they really work together though, or which one I like more…

I have no idea how I’m going to quilt this but the binding is made from the bias print plaid and a couple more snippets of green.

Be sure to check out Caitlin’s beautiful pillow!

2 thoughts on “LMP+QG July: Little snippets quilt

  1. It looks fabulous! Sorry I was a jerk and only made a pillow. I couldn’t handle the thought of doing a whole quilt after our move! Thank goodness August’s project is just a pincushion. So glad to hear you’re feeling better!

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