Months ago, my friend Charla asked me to make a t-shirt quilt for her husband’s birthday out of some old shirts he loved.  I went for a simple rectangle in a rectangle design with some scrappy strips.  I got sick right around the time I was supposed to finish it but I powered thorough and completed it just in the nick of time, even if I wasn’t able to hand deliver it.  It’s backed in a olive green sheet I thrifted, I sewed it around the edges and turned it instead of using binding, and labeled it.

Charla also asked me to make her a clothespin bag for use with her clothesline in her yard.  After looking around online for ideas, I came up with this pattern using the raindrops print from Somersault by Erin McMorris and an unknown print from my stash, and I love it!

When Cait and I got together to make those pincushions, I was so excited to have finished something in a day that I left her house with a bunch of motivation and inspiration, something I haven’t had in a couple months.

I pulled out my Swoon quilt from the WIP box, a project I haven’t worked on in months.  I had all the pieces cut out but only three of the blocks sewn together.  Now, I’m happy to say I have a completed top!  And I love it!

I finally went by The Little General (what used to be Karen Gray) over the weekend to see the ever lovely Gina and see her shop.  I picked up a few lovelies to add to the stash and will definitely be back there soon.  I was also able to drop off some business cards with the potential of more commissions which is exciting!

From top down: Curious Nature from Parson Grey, Chicopee from Denyse Schmidt, Nightshade from Tula Pink, Fresh Cut from Heather Bailey, and another Chicopee print.

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  1. Im glad your feeling better! your swoon came out great! Mine is still one block and pile of fabric. Casue the sister got engaged and Im working on hers right now. I love Gina she is so great to talk to! You picked some of my favorite fabrics! I hope you get more commisions!

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