Things have been a little up and down around here lately.  A good friend passed last week and I traveled to spend some much needed time with my best friend as a result.

Moving past the sadness, it’s craft fair prep time!  I’m doing two next month within two weeks of each other so I’ll just be making as much as I possibly can!  I still have a good amount left over from the spring shows and things I started putting together but never finished.  I used up all my zippers last time so I ordered some more, from the super fast ZipIt.  I got an assortment of 12″ ones:and some 14″ metal ones which I’m pretty excited about:If all goes according to plan, I’ll have 6 quilts to sell, including this one.  I posted a few different layouts last week on Instagram and this one seemed to be a hit so I added a couple more rows and columns and pieced it in a couple hours.  A friend said it reminds her of the wind so I’m calling it “It’s Blowy Out There.”  It’s made of scraps and FreeSpirit solids in Arctic White.I also ordered some Moo MiniCards to use as price tags and am working on printing some bags with my logo with my still unused Gocco Printer.  I think layout and packaging is one of the most fun parts!

While visiting my friend she gave me a TON of fabric.  This roll is nearly 18 yards!  I really like the design but I have no idea what I’m going to do with that much!  It’s a home dec weight cotton. Upholster a couch and make curtains?  That would be a little too mid-century overload.  Clothing for me and my 5 closest friends?  A little too VonTrapp family!  I’ll figure something out :)

Okay, back to the sewing table!

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