Happy New Year!

I’m ready for this to be the best year of my life.

2012 was a tumultuous year, but one filled with a lot of personal growth.  I’m excited to be living by myself with my puppies, dating such a wonderful guy, and being able to make money doing what I love.  Here’s to a productive and rewarding new year!

Here are a few things I finished last year

1. Pin cushion, 2. IMG_0126, 3. Crafty organizer, 4. IMG_0142, 5. IMG_0152, 6. Finally! A finished dress, only two and a half years after I started it. Blogged soon., 7. for erik, 8. For Silas, 9. Clothespin bag for Charla, 10. For Kyle, 11. IMG_0125, 12. Tea cup journal cover, 13. Travel embroidery kit, 14. Baby quilt, 15. Tonight’s accomplishment: 18 lined zippered pouches. Now to bed!, 16. It’s Blowy Out There., 17. Patchwork dinner napkins, 18. IMAG0981, 19. LMP+QG: January: colored pencil roll, 20. Stacked Coins, 21. Rosie Peanut, 22. IMAG0632, 23. Duvet cover from LMP+QG, 24. Little Bits., 25. LMP+QG July: Pincushions

I finished 10 quilts in all, numerous other projects, and sold at four craft fairs.

Thanks for continuing to read my blog, despite my often erratic postings.  That is also a new years goal so help me stick with it!  Other goals are completing 15 quilts, reading at least one book a month, and keeping up with my One Line A Day journal.

Here’s to the best year in all our lives.

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