My current WIP list.

It seems like something that’s good to start the year with, a compiling of all the projects in some stage of completion.

Swoon: I finally finished this top a few months back and I have the backing fabrics all waiting to be pieced.  I’m looking forward to taking this to Lindsay and crossing it off the list!

Color wheel: this was one of the Last Minute Patchwork + Quilted Gifts projects that didn’t get completed last year.  It was a frustrating project and doesn’t lay flat but I’m hoping a little long arm quilting will help mellow it out.  It will make a great addition to my studio space.

T-shirt quilt for Holly: I have been working on this project for way, way too long.  I MUST FINISH THIS QUILT.

Selvedge spiderwebs: I have been working on this quilt for about two years.  I have all the linen cut out and glued to paper so I just need to sit down and finish it!  Maybe at a sewing retreat this spring.

Single Girl: I have been hand quilting this for nearly a year and a half.  While I am really wishing I had had it long arm quilted instead, I know that once I finish I’ll feel a huge sense of accomplishment and will cherish it for a long time.

It’s Blowy Out There: I made this HST quilt from scraps a couple months ago and now it’s all basted and read to be finished.

Before I tackle those, I have a few commissions and trades I need to get (started and) finished first!

Kindle case for Sarah: this should be a quick project but it’s taking me along time! Nothing like a deadline though, I have to finish it by tomorrow!

Baby roller rink: this is a commission for a family friend and her first grandchild.  It is based on this pattern and will be made of scraps.  I’m hoping to finish it by the second week of February!

Set of dinner napkins: this is a trade for an art piece with my friend Liz.  She is moving away in March so I need to finish them ASAP!

Chicopee log cabin: this is my first quilt commission for a stranger!  It’s a really nice woman named Sarah who is getting it for her mom, to be completed by the first week of March.

Kaleidoscope in Field Study: this is a queen sized quilt for a trade for a large painting by my good friend Laura Lashley.  I’m really excited about this and while there is no actual deadline, I’m hoping to finish it by the end of February.

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