Wedding quilt.


I made this quilt a few weeks back for my dear friends Philip and Aindrea who were wed in August.  I’m afraid I didn’t get any good pictures of it but they loved it and that’s what’s important.

I was eager to help with decorations any way I could.  Aindrea asked that I make bunting to hang along the fence at their reception so I bought a lovely stack of fabrics in peach and mint from The Little General.


I doubled the stack with fabric from my stash and figuring I had to cut every piece of fabric for the bunting anyway, I also cut squares for a quilt to give them something extra special.

I had recently seen Katherine’s lovely herringbone quilt and knew I wanted to make one like it. Adding in some various whites and pale greys from my stash, I stitched it up in no time.


It’s backed with an organic stripe from my stash and coordinating solids.  I quilted it in a looping meander with mint thread, labeled it, and bound it in a light grey.


I hope they love and cherish it always.

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