Gift commission.


My lovely friends Sam and Amanda, who I made this quilt for last year, asked me to make a set of placemats and napkins for a wedding gift.  Amanda suggested grey and mustard yellow so I set off to The Little General and got a lovely stack.


Each of the eight placemats and napkins are different.  I roughly used this tutorial though I used fusible fleece, quilted the front with a variegated grey thread, and used the pillowcase method.



The placemats measure approximately 13″ by 18″ and the napkins, white on the other back sides, are 17″ square.


I wish I’d gotten better pictures but that’s what happens when you finish something 5 minutes before the deadline!  Sam and Amanda loved these and had a hard time giving them away.  I can only hope their friends Chris and Clair love them too! (Sam and Chris made a documentary together called Wagonmasters that’s super awesome.)

2 thoughts on “Gift commission.

  1. Kait-

    Amanda and Sam gave these to us for our wedding and we totally fell in love with them. They are so unique and so beautiful and we already have them laid out on our table. The quality and craftsmanship made me think that they had been purchased at a high end store but then I heard the back story and was so excited that they are one of a kind. The color choices (by you and Amanda) are also so perfect.

    These will be used at family dinners for years to come and we can’t thank you enough. Incredible talent!



    1. I’m so glad you guys love them, here’s to many stylish dinner parties! And thanks for letting me know :) Congratulations on your marriage.

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