Saga of a studio remodel.

For the last two years, I’ve had about 70 square feet of a studio space in a room with 7 other people, behind the coffee shop I work for.  It came to me at a time I really needed it and it was great to work in a space with so many other creative people.


Back in April, we were told we needed to move out due to upcoming renovations at the coffee shop.  It was sad news to hear but 6 of us decided to stay together and start a new venture.  We found a building for rent just a few blocks away and started the process or forming an LLP and working with the city and the landlords to get into the space.  After a lot of paperwork and waiting, Electric Pyramid Studios signed the lease on August 8th and renovations began.

We scraped peeling paint and plaster, painted walls and floors, tore up all the carpet upstairs (which revealed some beautiful hardwood but some was covered in glue so we painted that as well) tore out old phone lines, and cleaned every surface.

Except in my room.  I had a vision and after not sewing for three months, I was ready to throw myself into a project…


I tore down a chair rail that remained on two walls and layers of wallpaper that had been painted over for years.


I started scraping paint from one of the plaster walls.  See that little spot in the middle?  It was a hint of brick and it gave me an idea.  I bought a masonry chisel and went to work.



I exposed as much as I could without damaging the soft brick underneath and spent an evening sealing it. (I exposed more than the above picture but didn’t get a good picture of it.)

I painted three of the walls pale grey (goodbye terrible nude pink!) and one wall black.


I painted the window and door trim and the baseboards and gave the floor some extra attention.  I loved the pattern of the plywood so I taped out a 20″ grid on the diagonal, painted a checkerboard pattern in white, and then sealed the whole floor with 4 coats of polyurethane.  I love it so much!


during.05 during.03

One Sunday evening we got some of our friends together to help and moved out of the old space.



I hung up shelves, including one that goes all the way across the top of the window from which I hung the curtains and some plants (so I wouldn’t have to drill into the brick any more than necessary).IMG_0109



I put up my project wall, a pegboard, painted a new-to-me cutting table that I got from my studio-mate Gaby, brought in plants and flowers, an electric kettle for tea, hung a mirror, a clock, and a few mini quilts I’ve made or received over the years, added light, a chair and a side table, and more storage…


IMG_0106(More on the quilt in progress soon!)



and got to sewing as quickly as I could!


Welcome to my new space!

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