Oh, hello there!  I suppose it’s been awhile.  Fall has finally arrived and I feel at ease; I feel like sewing (and blogging) again!

In September, I was able to take a really wonderful trip to Toronto to visit my friends Katherine and Karyn and take a great Ginger Jeans class with the lovely Heather.

A couple weeks before my trip, I was in a bit of a car accident.  All parties involved were totally unharmed but unfortunately, my car didn’t make it out alive.  I wasn’t entirely sure the trip was going to happen, but thankfully, I was able to rent a nice little Dodge Dart and I was on my way.


On the road, driving towards Pilot Mountain.

On the road, driving towards Pilot Mountain.

I traveled to Cleveland first, to visit my dear friend Molly.  I was only there one full day but I had coffee at Phoenix Coffee Co, went to the Cleveland Museum of Art (ranked one of the best in the country, with good reason), drank rosé slushies, and watched the sun set over Lake Erie.  Cleveland is a really vibrant, fun city.





Leaving Molly’s, I drove a small highway along the lake towards Buffalo, NY and the Canadian border.  I stopped at a little historical lighthouse along the way.


Checking Sprudge, I found a great Third Wave coffee shop in Buffalo called Tipico.  It was a beautiful space, with huge windows that almost completely opened the cafe to the residential neighborhood it’s in.  I chatted with the barista while he made me a delicious Ethiopian pour over, telling him that I am from North Carolina and work at a coffee shop and bakery.  He told me to walk a few blocks away to BreadHive for a sandwich, a bakery and cafe similar to where I work, and it did not disappoint!  While the area I was in has seen some economically better days, Buffalo seems like a city with a lot of history and character.



Leaving Buffalo, I headed into Canada.  The border crossing was no big deal and after working my way through TIFF traffic, I made it to Katherine’s and was greeted by this famous guy.


Over the next few days I got to hang out a lot with Katherine and her boyfriend, eat amazing food, drank amazing drinks, I walked a lot, took part in the city-wide bike share, drank coffee, went to a great bookstore called Type, wandered Chinatown and Kensington Market, spent a lot of time at the Workroom (which is just as dreamy as I imagined) and, of course, made a pair of Ginger jeans in a class with the pattern designer herself, Heather Lou from Closet Case Files.

One thing I did not do much of in Toronto, was take pictures.  Oops!





After only three days, it was time to head back home, a 12-hour drive almost straight south.  I drove along Lake Ontario to Niagara-On-The-Lake, an adorable town where the Niagara River meets the lake.  I went to a wonderful little quilt shop at Katherine’s suggestion called Modern Bee and treated myself to a couple things, got a pretty terrible cup of coffee and walked along the beach for awhile, enjoying a clear fall day.

Fort Niagara across the river.

Fort Niagara across the river.

And then I had to see Niagara Falls.  I’d been once when I was 13, but knew experiencing it as an adult would be different.  And it was breathtaking.  And the Canadian side is way better.  The color of the water was the most beautiful greens and blues and the sheer power of all that water is humbling.




It was so lovely to see Molly and Katherine and Dana and Karen and meet Heather.  I’m so thankful to all of them and I cannot wait to go back.

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