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I learned to sew when I was 12, received my first machine at 15, taught myself how to quilt at 18, and haven’t stopped since.  I started kaitcetera and began offering custom quilts in 2007 and excitedly purchased a longarm quilting machine in 2015.

I was born and raised in the wine country of Northern California.  I have lived in Minneapolis, the DC area, Roanoke, Virginia and now find myself in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. I work out of a space called the Electric Pyramid Studios that used to be a funeral home with 12 other artists, housing my longarm in what used to be the embalming room.

I have the patron saint of needleworkers tattooed on my left calf, St Clare of Assisi, as well as a tattoo that was part of a stop-motion animation art project that got some internet attention.

I have two big dogs and a cat. I enjoy lots of house plants, classic Russian literature, eating all the sweet things, and the podcast TBTL.

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi! I am Mike SAine’s sister. I love to quilt as well and enjoy your blog. Your work is beautiful. I am looking around and deciding on a quilt I want to make for Mike for this Christmas. My sister commented on your 2011 Kalidescope Plaid, as he might like something like that. My question is, are the plaids in there 100 percent cotton? That’s what works best , but don’t seem to kind much masculine especially plaids in the all cotton. I usually use Kona cotton solids with my quilts. Thanks for your help, thought you may know somewhere to get all cotton plaids.
    Have a blessed day, susan

  2. Love your work! You made a quilt for my friend Marissa Joyce. I have a daughter that graduated from Meredith College in Raleigh, NC. It is an all women’s college and every event had a tee shirt (50 plus). I want to commission a tee shirt quilt. I would like to use the backs and the front (smaller piece and or pocket) I do want the reverse side to be very conservative in one color (white or Ivory) so as to disguise it’s whimsical tee shirt side. I would like it to be large enough queen size bed. Is this something you would be interested in? If so would you quote the cost and time frame for me?

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