Finished Quilts

I have been quilting for 10 years.  I have made quite a few quilts in those years but it took me quite a while to realize the importance of photographing them.  So, not all of these have an accompanying picture but I’ve done my best to round them all up.






2008 & Earlier

2 thoughts on “Finished Quilts

  1. i adore so many of your Quilts!! Im just starting my quilting adventure, but only have a normal sewing machine, do you think this will make it super difficult?

    1. Thank you! A “normal” sewing machine is totally enough! I primarily sew on a vintage Singer featherweight which works great, and I also have a late 90s Pfaff hobby machine, which I used the first 8 years I quilted. The presser feet are interchangeable on those machines so I can put the free-motion quilting foot on when I’m not using my long arm. So fear not! You don’t need any special equipment.

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