Modern Crosses.

This quilt is a pattern from “Modern Log Cabin Quilting” by Susan Beal.  I knew I didn’t want to do a white background so I went with Kona cotton in navy.  The crosses are all from my green, blue, brown, and yellow scrap bins.  It is backed with some DS Quilts plaid, KJR handkerchief, Kona in Navy, and an unknown green vine print, it’s long arm quilted in a bubble meander pattern with navy blue thread, and bound in scraps.  I’ll show more pictures after it’s been gifted!

Completed 13 October. Gifted at Christmas.

Kaleidoscope of Plaids.

This was a commission that was made of thrifted plaid shirts.  I’ll be able to give more details and pictures after it’s been gifted at Christmas.  It measures 77″ square.

Completed 09 October.  Gifted at Christmas.

A Single Girl.

I made this quilt for my dear friend Catherine in celebration of making it through a really messy divorce.  The rings are Denyse Schmidt fabrics from Katie Jump Rope, Flea Market Fancy, Hope Valley, and Picnic and Fairgrounds, along with a couple solids.  She said her favorite color was “puke green” and the best I could come up with was Kona cotton in Moss. The backing is mostly Katie Jump Rope bandana in brown with a few other scraps, it’s long arm quilted with a blowing maple leaf pattern in variegated brown thread, and it’s bound in Katie Jump Rope plaid in orange.  It measures 49″ x 66″

Completed 26 July.  Gifted 01 October.

Star Within, mini quilt TMQG challenge.

This wall hanging was made for Colleen in my quilt guild.  I had imagined this design and just got to work.  My points aren’t perfect and the corner stars aren’t wonky enough to look intentional but I’m happy with it and she liked it and that’s what counts.  It measures 20″ square.

Completed 11 September.

Airtype Logo Wall Hanging.

This mini quilt was made as a happy-anniversary/congratulations-on-the-amazing-new-office present to Marcus’s company.  It was made in a feverish 5½ hours the day of their opening party and completed just in time!  The front is pieced with solids from my stash using an interfacing method, the back is a skull print from Hancock Fabrics, it’s quilted in white thread within the white logo and with black thread outlining the logo and a few random squares, and bound in mostly black.  I didn’t get a chance to measure it but I think it’s approximately 18″ x 26″

Completed 26 August.

Off Set Rectangles Wall Hanging.

I forgot to even put this on my WIP list as I started it a couple years ago and didn’t like it so I hid it away.  I found it again recently and decided to finish and be done with it.  Now I actually really like it! It’s all Kaffe Fassett and Brandon Mably prints and the solids are shot cottons.  It’s backed in scraps, quilted with vertical organic lines, and bound in more shot cotton.  It measures 32″ x 37″

Completed 24 August.

Stars for Baby.

This quilt was barely even on the works in progress page – I made it start to finish in 5 days!  I started with some Kaffe Fassett and Brandon Mably fabrics I’d cut a couple years back, the same ones I used on the aforementioned wall hanging, and just cut them up some more.  This is one of the most improvisational quilts I’ve ever made.  The pale green dot is both the background and the backing and is from JoAnn’s.  The backing also uses some scraps, it’s quilted in a free motion spiral pattern with lavender thread (the first time I’ve done a design like this), it’s bound in more scraps, and has an embroidered label.  I love it and Faith did, too!  It measures 36½” x 50″

Completed 23 August.

Far Far Away Plus.

This is one of my favorites ever, I think.  I had a fat quarter bundle of the original FFA line laying around for two years until one day I decided I had to make a plus sign quilt out of it.  The front is largely made of double gauze with three more plus signs on the back surrounded by white and a buttercup yellow Kona cotton.  It is long arm quilted with a pale pink variegated thread in a Forget Me Not pattern and bound in white.  It measures 45″ x 67″

Completed 27 July.

Large Hexagons.

This quilt has been purchased as a gift to be given for Christmas so you’ll have to wait until then to see it in all it’s glory! (And it truly is glorious.)  However, this is the fabric I used – Amy Butler’s Love collection.  It measures 62″ x 74″

Completed 24 July.

Houndstooth, Kona Cotton Solids TMQG challenge.

The Triangle Modern Quilt Guild, of which I am a member, received the generous donation of 40 Kona Cotton charm packs a few months ago and I instantly knew I wanted to make a houndstooth quilt.  I used two charm packs and Essex linen in putty for the background.  The backing is mostly a print I bought when I worked at JoAnn’s eight years ago, it’s quilted with tan thread in a meandering design, and it’s bound in a green fabric from my stash.  It measures 44½” x 69″

Completed 11 July.

Tetris Mini Quilt.

A dear friend of mine inquired about me making a Tetris quilt for their baby boy named Tetris.  I had never thought of making a Tetris quilt but I loved the idea and knew it would translate easily to patchwork.  I immediately got started on a mini version.  I found the heart layout online and began to cut.  The solids and backing were all in my stash while the heart binding fabric was from JoAnn’s, just for the occasion.  The colored blocks are quilted just inside the edge in coordinating colors with an echo pattern around the entire heart.  I embroidered a small label and it measures 16″ x 17″

Completed 09 July.

American Jane Double Hourglass.

I made this quilt for my old roommate and beloved friend Abby for her first baby.  I made a very similar one in 2010.  I love the American Jane Snippets line.  I used a turnover which was not the easiest cut to use but I made it work.  It is quilted a quarter of an inch on either side of the diagonal seams in white with hand quilting in the outer border in rainbow colors. The backing is some yardage of one of the prints and four left over blocks, it is bound in both a stripe and a yellow print from the line, and it has a large embroidered label.

Completed 15 June.

Love In A Mist Mini Quilt.

This small quilt was based around a block from Modify Tradition called Love In A Mist that I really love.  I made two other small star blocks and improvised the background.  The backing is some fabric I had in my stash and some scraps left over from the front, it is quilted with random straight lines in white thread, and the binding is a small scale gingham I had left over from a dress.  It measures 17″ x 24½”

Completed 08 April.

A Few Snack Mats.

I went through a short snack mat making phase and made these four in a couple weeks.  As soon as I saw the houndstooth pattern on Pinterest I had to use it, the houses were all scraps, the zig zag was something I’d cut out a long time ago and had lying around, and the double hourglass were leftovers from the aforementioned baby quilt.  The backings and bindings were all scraps.  They measure approximately 7″ x 10″ and while two are being used for actual snack mat purposes, two are hung in my studio.

Completed in April.

Siggy Block Swap.

I finally put these blocks together after joining the swap 16 months prior and 10 months after receiving the blocks.  I laid them out in a transitional rainbow pattern and added some blocks around the outside to make complete diamonds and a white border.  It is quilted in simple flower designs in the printed diamonds with coordinating thread colors, the backing is something from my stash that I knew wouldn’t work for a well used/washed quilt, and the binding is a black and white print from my stash.  The “label” is the swap block with my name on it.  It measures 28″ x 39″ and it hangs in my studio.

Completed 05 April.

Hope Valley Girl quilt.

I saw a quilt similar to this on Pinterest and decided I needed to make one.  The color play makes it look like some blocks are more in the foreground than others.  The prints are all the warm colors from Denyse Schmidt’s Hope Valley line and the solids are Kona cotton in espresso and brown (I think), while is backed with some leftover blocks.  It is quilted in loopy rows with a dark brown thread and bound in Kona cotton in Berry.  It measures 42″ x 67″

Completed 06 February.

Manly Log Cabins.

This was meant to be a gift for Marcus’s birthday in October (2010) but seeing as I didn’t decide to make him a quilt and buy the fabric until a week prior, it was not completed in time.  Once I knew it would be overdue, I decided to quilt it in a very time consuming pattern.  My goal was for it was to not have a front and back but a fully two sided quilt.  The fabric was either purchased from Karen Grey Designs here in town or from my stash.  It is quilted in a medium pebble pattern with dark green thread and bound in Joel Dewberry’s Wave Strip in tarragon.  It measures 52″ x 68″

Completed 19 January.

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    1. I will gladly make you a quilt. Let’s talk about it! I have a few commissions already for the rest of the year but we could probably make something happen. PS – You should come visit me :) xoxo

  1. hi, i am 11 years old my aunt got me and my sister awesome gift for christmas. i got a pencil case and my sister got a wallet. they are awesome yay

  2. I had a question regarding your Kalidescope of Plaids quilt. Did you use a template or a pattern? It’s a lovely block, and I am just coming down from a quilt that includes over 500 plaid flying geese and have a LOT of plaid fabric left over. (Plus, I really like it! I can’t stop buying more! It’s addictive!) I’m thinking of making one for my son before he leaves for college.

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