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My 27th year: weeks 6 and 7.

36/365 Collecting extinguishers.37/365 Separation.38/365 Front yard fungus.39/365 Single girl (top and backing completed).40/365 Antique churn dash.41/365 Roaring Run.42/365 Kona solids challenge (top and backing completed)43/365 Yard flamingos.44/365 Ball of Amos.45/365 Vintage fabric.
46/365 Flowers.
47/365 I love this house. It looks to be not taken care of very well but the mildew streaked enclosed sun porch, the curved roof over the rounded door, the overgrown plants keeping a sense of secrecy… I’d live there.
48/365 Lump of kitty. His favorite hiding place.
49/365 Golden world after a storm.

My 27th year: week 5.

29/365 Hydrant.30/365 Kona solids challenge.

31/365 Baby quilt (revealed very soon).
32/365 This is one of my favorite houses in our neighborhood. The curved door with the dogwood stained glass window, the stone on the chimney, the wood slat siding up top, the rocking chairs…
33/365 Today’s bloom. I love how it looks like three stacked flowers.
34/365 Back side.
35/365 Quiche.

My 27th year: week 3.

15/365 JoAnn’s spoils. Lisette pattern, fabric remnant, Denyse Schmidt Picnics and Fairgrounds, travel pillow form, striped linen clearance fabric.

16/365 Maverick star circle.

17/365 Latin style mini “lasagnas” with chorizo, sweet potato, tomatillo salsa, mozzarella, manchego, and wonton wrappers.

18/365 Napping in the yard.

19/365 It’s a jungle out there.

20/365 Grilling by candlelight with friends.

21/365 My latest time suck.

My 27th year: week 1.

I’m a few days late for the first week but better late than never.

2/365 Roanoke.

3/365 Spiderwebs.

4/365 Lilies on fire.

5/365 Tiny wild strawberries.

6/365 Stormy night.

7/365 Bobo.

365:44 – 47

265:44 – Curious
Amos has always been an indoor cat. I wish he was an outdoor cat, I’ve always felt like it goes against their nature to be inside, but just never felt like I lived anywhere safe enough. Now that he’s almost 5 I think it might be too big of an adjustment. On nice days though, when I’m sitting outside our doing yard work or something, I let him out. It’s funny to watch him cower a bit when the wind blows through the trees, to chase leaves across the yard; it makes me smile.

365:45 – Uh oh..
Remember the lovely new dishtowels I made a few weeks ago? I wanted to audition fabric for it’s absorbency and though these were great in that department, I washed them and this is what happened. The waffle muslin shrank like crazy which is not acceptable, so boo on that. I have some fabric meant for diapers I might try next.

365:46 – Color.
I am trying out some colors for our bedroom. Paint samples are only $3 each! They are supposed to cover four square feet but I brushed this on and used less than half. The colors are Pumpkin which would be on the wall behind the bed, and Pebble on the three other walls but while I love the orange, I’m not crazy about the grey. I want something subtle but warm. They are pulled from this fabric I used in our bed quilt and I’m wishing now that I had bought enough to make curtains before it was out of print.

365:47 – Shirts.

Nothing special. There was a leak from upstairs at work that got on the shirt merch so they got spread out to dry. I love my Krankies shirt, it’s the most comfortable shirt I own.


I must say, I love this picture.
This week has decidedly felt like spring. Today got up to 67 today and tomorrow is supposed to be 72! I have been opening the windows this week, opening the doors and letting the sun shine in and the house air out. It’s glorious. Today I was feeling the itch to grill something. It’s been months since we used my little Weber and though it was pretty much dark by 7 o’clock, I fired her up and grilled by the light of a nearly full moon (and the porch light) in the 63 degree night air.
I made garlicky mustard glazed chicken kabobs with rosemary roasted potatoes and I attempted asparagus for the first time (which burnt and was terrible). I wasn’t impressed but Marcus wasn’t disappointed. I’ll try it again sometime and hopefully not dry the chicken out.

I got the top, back, and basting done on my siggy block quilt, finally. It’s only been seven months since I got the blocks back! I wanted to get it off my project wall so I could start the Single Girl quilt in earnest. It hung up there for a few days while I figured out how to finish it off just right and I love how it all came together. This was the first quilt small enough that I could baste it on my table instead of the floor and Amos was being super helpful, as usual. I haven’t decided how exactly to quilt it yet but it shall hang on my studio wall very soon.