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Recent happenings.

I had a really long post written up, catching you up on all the latest happenings.

And then it felt like a chore, getting it done and getting everything in there.

So I deleted everything I wrote and will just say this: Instagram is on Android and I couldn’t be happier (except that it doesn’t upload to Flickr quite yet).  So, at least you can see what happened recently.  It includes a music festival in town put on by my friend Philip, fabric, beautiful weather, beer, and friends.  It was the best weekend ever.

I feel an amazing summer coming on.

Ah, the holidays.

I can hardly believe that Thanksgiving has come and gone and that December is nearly here, and yesterday is was 70 degrees outside.  I hope everyone had a nice holiday!

I have finally caught up on blogs from the last month and the time to sew feverishly for the craft faire has come.

I’ve mentally prepared myself for winter and have been making paper snowflakes as wishful thinking.

It looks to be a quiet day around here, a cup of tea, the smell of garlic as I roast some for soup, making monkey bread, organizing my room with things I got at Ikea last week, and plenty of cuddles with the animals.

Having a houseguest, being a houseguest.

I’m having one of those times where I feel like I have so much to write about that it’s overwhelming and I don’t know where to start.  So, I’m just going to post some pictures I’ve taken over the last couple of weeks and write blurbs.

I picked up my friend Holly in Columbia South Carolina where we hung out with our friend Joe.  We had breakfast at Immaculate Consumption (mediocre latte, good granola),

and went to the Riverview Zoo where we saw, among other things, penguins! (Did you know emperor penguins can be up to 4 feet tall and 100 pounds?  That’s a pretty large penguin.)

Coming back to Winston we cooked some delicious caramelized leek and spaghetti squash polenta (which I didn’t photograph) and broccoli lentil soup from the Vegan Yum Yum cookbook,

and vegan ginger cookie cupcakes.  So good!  So sugary!  (Holly blogged about them and gave the recipe over at MPLS.TV where she’s a regular contributor!)

We also went to a highly recommended vegetarian/vegan restaurant in Greensboro called Boba House where we had an unbelievable sampler platter of “calamari,” “chicken drumsticks,” and “crab” won tons.  When I say unbelievable, I mean it, too.  How can they possibly make vegan things exactly like the real thing?  I’ll definitely be going back there.

Only a few days after Holly left for DC, I drove up to Roanoke to meet Catherine and head to Kentucky for, among other things, an early Thanksgiving with her family.  Addie came along and as it turned out, was a really good dog all week.

We saw Beirut the first night we were there at the Kentucky Theater in Lexington, a show that was so good.  The current trumpet player is from Lexington so the crowd was pretty wild about that.  (Bad phone picture alert:)

We went to Louisville for a couple days and stayed with the family Cat used to nanny for.  We took the kids, Lily and Aidan to the zoo where we saw an albino alligator named Louie,

and the cutest baby polar bear ever.The kids were pretty cute, themselves.

We also ate at a really good restaurant called Ramsi’s where I had a seitan (vegan “meat” made of textured vegetable protein – much tastier than that sounds!) parmesan sandwich with vegan mozzarella.

Back in Lexington we had Thanksgiving dinner with Catherine’s family, since she won’t be able to go back there during the holidays.  Her sister Caroline was just about to have a baby (she spent 12 hours at the hospital a couple days after we got there but she didn’t come out then) so I kinda commandeered the meal :)

I made apple and onion stuffing muffins as per Cat’s request,

mac and cheese (from Martha Stewart’s Cooking School), as per Shane’s request,

cranberry mousse (a little melty), because it wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without that (recipe to come next week!),

and silky smooth pumpkin pie.

Cat’s dad smoked the turkey and we had green beans, corn pudding, and rolls.  It was pretty delicious!  Some of us definitely vegged out afterwards :)

I had a really good time on the trip.  It was nice to get away and have Addie with me.  She was so happy to have a yard and to be able to go outside any time she wanted.  I caught her lounging in the grass in the sun a few times :) I think she’s actually a little depressed to be back.  But Louisville was awesome and Lexington was okay.  The family was a bit much sometimes but I always had a room and my book (Dracula; so good!) to escape to.  I love Catherine and it was great to spend some time together.

A cute dress.

Every summer I decide “this will be the year I make lots of sundresses” and it hasn’t happened yet.  But I might have found the pattern that will soon fill my closet!It’s Simplicity 2362 (purchased at the 5 for $5 sale at JoAnn’s), I made view D, and my favorite thing about it is it has pockets!  Who doesn’t love a dress with pockets?The fabric is Everything But The Kitchen Sink by RJR which I bought at Thimble Pleasures a couple months back.  I already have a few more dresses in mind, including one with linen and vintage fabric.

I did an invisibly zipper “correctly” for the first time and it is almost invisible!

I only changed the pattern a little bit.  I only put one slightly larger strap on either side and it called for pleating in the middle of the front and back but I didn’t want it to pooch and make me look pregnant, so I did gathers on the front sides and middle back.  It worked pretty well but I think I’d like to make the skirt a little fuller next time, too.  I might make a really short version to wear as a shirt.  Oh, the possibilities!

We went to Chapel Hill last night so Marcus could play a show at a wine bar with Birds and Arrows.  Caitlin her husband came and it was a fun time.  I would have liked to have drank more wine and eaten truffles but I had to drive home :)

I have been so proud of Jackson and Addie lately.  Jackson broke the front of his crate down a few months back but learned not to jump the baby gates when he cleaned the litter box, dumped the kitchen trash, and ate a stick of butter off the counter.  When we were at the beach he broke it down and just hung out in the living room, not causing trouble so since we’ve been back, we actually haven’t kept either of them in their crates at all and they’ve been so good.  Addie barks for a little while when she needs to go out and she’s ever so slowly learning not to jump on us as soon as we walk in the door.  I love those two dogs.

One year.

Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of me living in Winston Salem. Marcus had already lived in town since May but we moved into this house July 5th, 2010.

It’s been a really great year. It hasn’t been without it’s tough parts but I am so happy in this city. It’s a little bit Minneapolis, a tiny bit Roanoke, but all Southern. I work a job that I love and I’ve made some really amazing friends. Here’s to another great year!

We did pretty much nothing for the Fourth. We celebrated ‘Merica by eating crappy pizza and watching “Suicide Kings” while it stormed outside. The rain had stopped in time for fireworks around town, I could hear at least two different shows while walking the dogs. Maybe next year the weather will cooperate and we’ll do something more fun.

If I moved here a year ago yesterday, that means we’ve had Jackson for a year today. He’s such a good dog, well behaved (for the most part), handsome, and sweet. He’s been acting weird around new people lately which worries me but I’m sure it’s nothing we can’t work out. I never knew I could love an animal like I love him :)

365:44 – 47

265:44 – Curious
Amos has always been an indoor cat. I wish he was an outdoor cat, I’ve always felt like it goes against their nature to be inside, but just never felt like I lived anywhere safe enough. Now that he’s almost 5 I think it might be too big of an adjustment. On nice days though, when I’m sitting outside our doing yard work or something, I let him out. It’s funny to watch him cower a bit when the wind blows through the trees, to chase leaves across the yard; it makes me smile.

365:45 – Uh oh..
Remember the lovely new dishtowels I made a few weeks ago? I wanted to audition fabric for it’s absorbency and though these were great in that department, I washed them and this is what happened. The waffle muslin shrank like crazy which is not acceptable, so boo on that. I have some fabric meant for diapers I might try next.

365:46 – Color.
I am trying out some colors for our bedroom. Paint samples are only $3 each! They are supposed to cover four square feet but I brushed this on and used less than half. The colors are Pumpkin which would be on the wall behind the bed, and Pebble on the three other walls but while I love the orange, I’m not crazy about the grey. I want something subtle but warm. They are pulled from this fabric I used in our bed quilt and I’m wishing now that I had bought enough to make curtains before it was out of print.

365:47 – Shirts.

Nothing special. There was a leak from upstairs at work that got on the shirt merch so they got spread out to dry. I love my Krankies shirt, it’s the most comfortable shirt I own.