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Feathers and stars.

I realize I say this a lot, but this quilt is one of my most favorites.  For real.


My friend Nathan commissioned this for his girlfriend before they moved to Colorado and as soon as he asked, I knew what I wanted to do.  I sat at Hoots Roller Bar and drew it on some receipt tape.

quilt sketch

It’s both the most planned and unplanned quilt I’ve ever made.  It looks largely improvised but was almost completely measured out.


My stash is lacking in purples but I grabbed what I had and pieced some stars, some with log cabin centers.


I made some feathers based on Anna Maria Horner’s pattern, some striped and some solid, and then using contractor’s paper, I drew out arcs and foundation pieced them to the paper.  It was nowhere near perfect but it worked!


I backed it in some feather scraps and other purples and a striped vintage sheet.


I quilted it in a looping pattern with white thread and gave it a scrappy binding.


While I was photographing this quilt behind the funeral home next to my studio, a momma fox and her 6 little ones were watching me!  I tried to snap a picture but I couldn’t get close enough.


I miss my friends now that they’ve moved away but I’m glad they have a little piece of Winston with them!

Victory Ava Blouse.

I heard about Victory Patterns through the Workroom. I loved the modern styling and knew I wanted to try out some of their pieces.

2015-03-04 15.36.13

This is actually my second go at this pattern.  This first one is cute, but this one I love. I used this beautiful Anna Maria Horner print and a soft black lace I got from JoAnn’s.

2015-03-04 15.36.54

It’s too big under the arms, so much so that the zipper is unnecessary, I’m able to just pull it over my head.  That’s one of those things I have the best of intentions to fix but we’ll see if I ever actually do :)


I serged all of the pieces prior to any other sewing…


…including the bottom hem and the lace pieces, not using bias binding. I had some trouble with the point of the yoke in the front so it’s not super clean.


Otherwise, though, I love how autumnal the fabric is and how flattering the waistline and peplum are.  This will not be my last Ava!

2015-03-04 15.36.26

My most favorite dress.

I made this dress a few months back and as soon as I finished it, it became my most favorite dress I’ve ever made.  I’m even proud of the inside so I’m gonna show you that, too!

2015-03-04 15.44.52

When I bought this Anna Maria Horner print, I was worried it would be too busy for a dress but the geometric lines are subtle enough to not be overwhelming while adding interest beyond just bunches of flowers.  Thankfully, it’s also just busy enough that you can’t tell I had to cut the bodice front upside down :)

2015-03-04 15.44.36

I used Butterick 6582 view C, which is one of their retro reissues, and a dress I’ve made 2 other times.  I shortened the pattern by at least 8 inches and used a vintage yellow zipper that perfectly matches the lining fabric I chose.



I love how the bouquets “match up” at the bodice crossover and the little gathers at the shoulders;


but shhh… I didn’t hand sew the shoulders closed.


I serged all the inside edges and hemmed the bottom with a double fold and double stitch line.


Part of what makes this dress so flattering is that the gathers in the skirt aren’t in the front, so it doesn’t poof out and make you look pregnant.  They start at the bodice darts ago around from/to there.


I would highly recommend this pattern and I see more in my future!

Datura times three.

DaturasI bought this lovely Deer & Doe pattern recently and got right to making it.  (Warning: Here comes a lot of pictures!  They are a little washed out but oh well.)

For the first one, I used a red fabric I got from a friend a while back.

Datura AIt might be a rayon or perhaps it’s a cotton linen?  It’s slinky and ended up being hard to work with but I’m still happy with the results.  I made this one just like the instructions say, making my own bias tape and using the cutout neckline option, but using french seams for the sides.

Datura A backI dug through my grandmother’s button box and used some beautiful Mother of Pearl buttons on the back.

For the second one, I used an eyelet/lace I’ve had for a long time and one of my favorite prints from Sarah Watson’s Indian Summer collection that I got at The Little General.

Datura BIMG_1411Datura Bb

Instead of lining the upper bodice, I used store bought bias binding for the neckline and arm holes and french seams everywhere (my new favorite thing).

Datura B detailI, once again, dug through my button box and used four nice wooden ones.

Datura B button detail

Riding the excitement of finishing my second, I got right to the third.


I used Empress in coral from Joel Dewberry’s Bungalow and Sinister Swarm in flour voile from Anna Maria Horner’s Field Study and lined the upper bodice with a nude colored lining fabric.

Datura C backDatura C bodice detailI lengthened it by 7″ and inverted the curve on the front.

Datura C hemI used 7 assorted mother of pearl buttons from the box.

Datura C buttonsDatura C button detailI love all of my new Datura blouses!  I’d still like to try one with the collar, some cap sleeves, and maybe one lengthened to a dress with a little shirring.  So many possibilities!

Lamp redo.

I recovered this lamp weeks ago and I’m just getting around to showing it off!IMG_0878

I found this lamp at the Rescue Mission Thrift Store and loved the shape of it but the base was a tan yellow color and the shade was cracked.  I swear I saw a photo from quilt market a few times back with a lamp similar to this in the background of Anna Maria Horner‘s booth, but I can’t seem to find it again. I loved it when I saw it and knew it’s what I wanted to do to this one.

I pieced three feathers using remnants of this pillow, and using a template I made by tracing the curvature of the shade, pieced turquoise sections to complete the circle. I stretched it over the old shade and using fabric glue, rolled the edges over the top and bottom. I spray painted the base a glossy white, and voila!IMG_0881

I love it!

A field study of triangles.

I put this simple quilt together with some Anna Maria Horner Field Study (a current favorite, if you can’t tell!) and solids from the Little General and I love it! Especially under the red bud trees just before sunset.FS Triangles FS Triangles I quilted it at Eileen Quilts in a bubble design and backed it in the butterflies, one of my favorite large scale prints.

FS Triangles

I bound this one by machine.  I don’t like it as much as a hand stitched one but the binding has begun to come off on a couple older quilts of mine, what with the heavy wear of having two dogs that like to pull quilts from their places.  Hopefully machine sewn binding will stand the test of time and I’ll keep getting better at it.

FS Triangles

I’m excited to say that this quilt is available for sale at the Little General! Hopefully the first of many, Gina is graciously showing and selling some of my quilts made of fabric from her beautiful shop.  If you’re in or around Winston Salem, be sure to stop by!