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Snippets of my house.

My new apartment is coming together, slowly but surely.  I painted my bedroom and living room in the last couple weeks and I love it so much.  Most of it is a pale grey called Grey Owl with an accent wall in the living room called Sunshine (maybe the brightest yellow ever) and one in the bedroom called Hot Lips (magenta).  I’m saving up for a trip to Ikea for a couple things and my friend Laura has very graciously given me three tables.  It’s definitely not done but I took a few photos this morning.

I thrifted this mirror for $2 and spray painted it.  It’s coincidentally nearly the same yellow as the opposite wall.

My favorite way to organize everything.

I thrifted this shelf with hooks, the mirror, and the brass candlesticks.  The candle is from my friend Sarah and the magnolia print is by the wonderful Andy Kurtts, whom I met at the Hand 2 Hand Market.This is art by my talented friends.  From left to right there are pieces by Liz Simmons, Zap McConnell, another one by Liz, Caleb Williams, and Molly Bolton.

Studio space.

One of the changes around here is that I’ve moved into a studio space outside where I live.  I didn’t think I wanted that for a long time because I figured it would hinder late night productivity sessions and such, but I now have a space in the building where I work and I’m super excited about it.

I work at a coffee shop called Krankies and the building they inhabit, which was originally a meat packing plant, is filled with many other things.  There are apartments and a web design company upstairs, a guitar repair place, some practice/teaching studios, and Device, a screen printing business in the basement, the Electric Moustache gallery on the main floor and the studio with spaces for 8 artists (including Laura Lashley, Liz Simmons, and Ian Dennis).  I moved in and set up pretty quickly, minus shelving to hold my fabric.  I had built in shelves in my last space so now I have to figure something else out, something to put in a concrete wall, no less.

What's on my design wall: The Undertoad

Things show no signs of slowing down.  I’m powering through to finish a commission this week, hopefully going up to Roanoke this weekend for some quilting action with Lindsay and to hang out with Catherine, finishing another quilt for a shower on St Patrick’s Day, having another sewing date with Cait for our next LMP+QG project, and then going to DC for a long weekend. Looking farther ahead, my dad is coming in April, I’m going to the beach for my birthday in May, I’m still trying to go to Toronto this spring, and I’m hoping to get four quilts that have been in the works for awhile off the WIP list, and sew a couple more dresses.  Let the productivity commence!

Snippets of life.

Where did I go the last couple weeks?   No where, just not here apparently.

I don’t have any big finishes or anything quite yet but I wanted to share a few snippets of life around here lately.

Remember I set a goal to bake a loaf of bread every week this year?  Well week two was pizza crust and may I say, it was amazing.  The recipe I used, from Peter Reinhart’s Artisan Breads Every Day, made enough for five 10″ pizzas so I used two and froze the rest. Mine, pictured above, had roasted garlic, olive oil, bacon, caramelized onions, and fresh basil, with mozzarella, sharp cheddar, and feta cheese.  Yum!

I spent a gift card at Marshall’s and got, among lots of other kitchen things, a lovely green Le Creuset pan into which, I promptly made blondies.  I added whiskey and instant espresso to the batter and seeing as they spread so thin, it’s possible I ate twice as much :)

This is quilt three of three for Catherine’s nieces.  I finished sewing the binding on the front today and will complete it tonight in front of the tv (Castle and Parks & Rec have returned!) and then it will be in the wash for all three followed by a photo shoot with Cait in a couple weeks!

I got a sweet Groupon deal for a portable iPod speaker system that a friend of mine had recommended.  My computer speakers just don’t get loud enough when cooking or washing dishes and this is a great solution!  It came with a small bag and strap but I think I’ll definitely be needing a much prettier one!

I actually made this a couple months ago but never showed it.  It’s only 8″ square (instead of 24″) but now I’m not sure what to do with it!  I think I might streamline it a little and  use some in a larger quilt.  I like these as minis!

When I started rearranging my studio a few months ago (no, I’m still not done :-/ ), I took down a couple pieces of beloved artwork so I knew they needed to be hung elsewhere.  So now they adorn the hallway and I’m able to see them multiple times a day, and a couple of them when I’m laying in bed.  The three on the left are done by the lovely Laura Lashley, the middle and top right are by Liz Simmons, and the bottom right is by Molly Bolton.

Remember when I mentioned a tattoo I got being part of a larger art project?  Well the show is up this month at the Electric Moustache gallery and Evan did such a fabulous job!  He took photographs of all of us that participated and our tattoos and made a video loop of our horses in motion.  You can see the video here.  It’s based on a series of photographs by Eadweard Muybridge in 1877 who set out to prove whether or not when a horse runs, all it’s feet leave the ground at once.  Through the photographs, he pioneered stop motion animation. I love the tattoo and the show and I’m so happy to be a part of this project!

I’ve been feeling the need to sew clothes lately.  I’m on the search for an easy, versatile top that I could make a lot of.  This is Simplicity 3835, a Built by Wendy pattern that I had a lot of hope for.  I’ve made the shorter dress with the ties before and it fit super awkwardly but I hoped the shirt would be better.  And it’s not really.  This picture actually isn’t bad but I kind of just feel like I’m wearing a bag :(  There are darts in the back but it doesn’t give it enough shape.  I could either shirr the waist or I could easily take it in but then I’d have to put in a zipper… I plan to work with it and see if I can’t make it better.

I ordered myself a couple things!  I love getting books in the mail.  I got a red sketchbook because I’d like to start drawing/sketching again this year (I haven’t done it since 11th grade), Denyse Schmidt Quilts (I didn’t realize until looking through it recently how much I love almost all the quilts in it!), and Last Minute Patchwork + Quilted Gifts.

Speaking of which, I’m excited to tell you that my friend Cait and I are embarking on a challenge in 2012 to make a project a month from LMP+QG!  We have designated 12 projects and will be blogging about them the last Thursday of each month.  I very rarely buy quilting books because I feel like I have to be drawn to a majority of the projects, so this is a good prodding for me to try some things I might not, otherwise.  After flipping through a few books that Cait owns, we settled on this one because it has a range of projects, and because of the iconic Color Wheel Quilt.  (That’s when I also realized I was drawn to a lot of DS’s projects so I threw that in my shopping cart, too.)  Can’t wait to show some things off!


I have a pretty good number of tattoos. I started when I was 18 and have gotten a new one every year or two since then, a trend that will probably continue for a long time.

Sunday night I got my most recent piece, a tattoo that will be part of an art project and show in January. I won’t give too many of the details yet but here’s my piece.

It’s on the inside of my right arm and I will say this was without a doubt the most painful tattoo I’ve ever gotten (though I’m working on a theory that the most recent one is always the most painful :). I squirmed so much and Matt, my friend that was doing the work, said he thought I was going to punch him. I would never have done that but my constant squirming did result in one little color outside the line accident.  (The border lines don’t look straight but they are, they’re just in that weird dry, cracking, almost peeling phase and my arm isn’t flat, of course.)  But no mind, I love it. I can’t wait for the whole piece to come together and be able to show it off!

Many thanks to Evan for putting this together and Liberty Tattoo for making it happen!

A little clean up.

Nothing like guests to make you clean the house.  Usually that just means the kitchen and the dining room but since Caitlin was coming over on Sunday afternoon, I had to clean my studio and make sure two people could fit in there  :)  While cleaning, I came across a few orphaned blocks that I stuck to my project wall, thinking maybe I’ll do something with them.

North Carolina is one of the hungriest states in the US.  It was brought up recently (through a source I cannot find) and it spurred on some people around here to do something about it.  My friend and coworker Philip put together a compilation of local bands for fall.  (You can listen to it here.)  A local visual artist was paired with each band to create a piece of art that correlated or was inspired by the song on the comp.  There was also a festival this last week/end including most of the bands and a gallery show of the art.  All the proceeds from the sale of the compilation go to the Second Harvest Food Bank (you can also buy it here!).  We got a group of artists together to make art pieces that were approximately 6 by 6 inches that were donated and sold to benefit the food bank as well.  I made this…

It didn’t sell but I really like it and it’s inspired me to make a series of 6″ blocks to finish and hang.  I started a small paper pieced hexagon block to get my collection going.

A group exhibition.

I recently got asked to be part of a group exhibition at the Em Gallery called “Extinguishers.”

A locally raised artist who now lives in LA named Hieronymus is curating a show of altered/decorated fire extinguishers. He found a pile of them on his mom’s property and handed them out to a group of artists.I had an idea of quilting a cover made up of 60º/30º diamonds that were only an inch wide so I tried Elizabeth’s method using interfacing, without realizing that diamonds don’t sew up the same as squares. That miscalculation also lead to it not being wide enough to fit all the way around the extinguisher so I had to make another little rainbow piece to fit in the back.

Anxious to get it done, I stuck some scraps out of the hole where the hose had been and turned it in. (I now wish I’d braided the scraps with wire so they could stick out in a spraying shape.) I’ve had a couple people say my piece reminds them of parachuting or a hot air balloon, which is an idea I’d love my piece to conjure up. I’ll post pictures after the show opens, I don’t want to give anything away just yet!

The opening is on Saturday night which I am both excited and bummed out about. The reception will be fun (I think I might make mini cupcakes) but it falls on the same night of (Marcus’s Roanoke band) Red Clay River’s last show. There are creative differences I think (both a seemingly cop out answer and a true one in their case), and they just never really recovered from the theft of their instruments last year. I’m gonna try to go to the opening for an hour and then drive up to Roanoke to catch RCR.

Anyway, if you are in the area in the next month, come by! It’s going to be really awesome.

A gift.

I received the loveliest of belated birthday gifts today from my friend Liz.

She is an amazing artist and I am so happy to add another piece of her art to my collection. This painting is beautiful. She also gave me a drawing from her Warrior Woman series as a housewarming gift that I keep in my sewing room. I haven’t decided where to put the new one yet…
Thank you so much Liz!