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A little more catch up.

I did a lot of sewing leading up to the holidays that I haven’t shown yet.

Krankies Craft Fair was the weekend of December 13th and it was better for ::kaitcetera:: than I could have imagined!  I sold 4 quilts (the three on the left and one not pictured)!IMG_1585Two of the quilts included some custom embroidery work that I just recently completed and was really happy with.  It makes the gift so much more personal and sweet.IMG_1699

On the Far Far Away plus quilt, I embroidered the recipients name over the quilting, which I had never done, and it turned out great.  The label on the back was embroidered first and then sewn on.IMG_1697 IMG_1674I made some iPad and Kindle cases for the fair that were fun and did well.  I also made a few more crayon and colored pencil rolls which people love!

IMG_1600I most enjoyed making some quick patchwork Christmas pillows.  I started cutting 2½” squares of red and green to make stockings for me and the pups but decided on pillows instead.  I quilted them with a heavy 12 weight Aurifil thread and I loved it.  It really makes the simple stitching pop.IMG_1710IMG_1709


The Krankies Craft Fair was this weekend and it was a resounding success!  I have very little left, having completely sold out of a few things.  Thank you so much to everyone that came out and supported me and all the other awesome artisans that were there.

My tentative plan is to buy a new sewing machine which is a pretty exciting prospect!

Riding the inspiration and motivation, I’m looking into becoming an LLC and expanding into other shops and endeavors.  It’s a little overwhelming but I think it might be the right move.

My Modern Stacked Coins was auctioned off on Thursday night and I’m thrilled to say it went to a friend of mine for $390!  I’m so happy that so much money was raised for the Garcia Family that night and honored to have been a part of it.

One down, one to go.

I was a part of the Hand to Hand Market in Greensboro yesterday. There was a good turnout including some friends that came by to see me. It wasn’t quite as successful as I hoped but I had a good time and people seemed to like what I make. Special Friend Ian hung out iwth me for a few hours which I really appreciated.I am glad that I don’t have to sew frantically for the next two weeks to prepare for the Krankies Craft Fair.  I am going to make a few new-to-me things in that time, which I’m excited about.  Hopefully I’ll sell a couple quilts, too!

In my craft fair preparation, I finished two quilts last week, two that I had started a long time ago and am so happy to have finally finished!

This quilt started as one of a pair, a boy and girl version, but the first one was finished almost two years ago and I sold it at last year’s craft fair.

I used the grey, green, and blue colorway of Denyse Schmidt’s Hope Valley along with Kona in navy and charcoal. It’s backed with Valori Wells’ rose flannel, a strip of scraps, and my label, and it’s bound in a green solid from my stash and a few more scraps.

I quilted it with an orange peel pattern in navy blue thread, one of my favorite designs.  It’s a little wonky since I wasn’t really following any lines but it works.

Little Bits is a quilt that was one of the Last Minute Patchwork and Quilted Gifts projects I’ve been doing with Cait this year (read the first post here).I was going for a more sophisticated look on the front and more playful on the back.  I pieced in a label, quilted it in a swirly pattern with pale green thread, and bound it in a black plaid.These two were part of a basting spree I went on last week so I still have two more to quilt and I think I’m going to try something new on one of them.  I pieced in labels reading 2012 so I have to finish them by the end of the month!

The post craft fair calm. Sort of.

The Krankies Craft Fair on Saturday went pretty well.  The spring one is never as good as Christmas, which makes sense, but I had a good time and gained a little bit of a fabric budget :)

I also bought some really neat things like a t-shirt and screen print on wood from a really nice guy named Thomas Dean from Charlottesville, VA and a couple prints from Blue Raspberry Designs who is from here.  It was a really good fair as far as vendors go.

For the last printing of my business cards I got my Etsy shop address on them, a shop that I’ve never actually opened.  But now, I have enough things left over that I have no reason to not finally sit down, photograph, and post everything.  I’m just not sure what to do about having 30 $5 things… Do I post them all separately and pay the posting fee?  Do any of you sellers have any tips?

So now that that deadline has passed, I have two quilt commissions due in three weeks and July’s Last Minute Patchwork project which actually, proudly, I have already gotten to the quilting phase and made the binding for.  Hopefully everything else will go as smoothly!

From zero to hyperspeed.

I haven’t had any deadlines for a couple months, aside from the Last Minute Patchwork projects (which I’m gradually doing worse on, it feels like.  I will finish the duvet cover!) but all of a sudden I find myself having a craft fair on Saturday and two quilts due by the middle of August, not to mention another LMP+QG quilt!

The weather has cooled a little around here (lower 90s instead of lower 100s) so the studio has been bearable.  I went in yesterday after work and found myself trying to pick fabrics for a quilt, making a new ironing board cover, sorting my craft fair things to see what else I need to make, drawing out a quilt design, and starting a special request project and I got so overwhelmed!  So of course I started with the ironing board cover, the least important thing on the list..

Needless to say I will be really busy these next three weeks.  I haven’t bought fabric in what feels like forever but I think I might get to indulge myself a little bit with these two commissions.  I’ll do my best to check back in and let you know how it’s going!

Has it really been this long?!

I have been crazy busy and distracted lately, but I can hardly believe I have neglected this space for so long!  I’m so sorry guys; I’ve missed you!  (Sorry the photos aren’t the best quality, they’re from Instagram.)

This first half of May was spent cutting, cutting, cutting,

and sewing, sewing, sewing (thanks to gutenTAGS for the rush printing of more labels!!)to make things to sell at the Hand to Hand Market this past weekend,

which, as it happened, didn’t go very well.  I don’t know what happened but the attendance was not what was expected by anyone.  It was nice to hang out with Caitlin for a day though, we met a couple other really awesome vendors, Andy and Nicole, and I have very little more to do to get ready for the Krankies Craft Faire in July, so that’s pretty nice.

The week before the market I was fortunate enough to go to the beach with some friends for my birthday!  I spent 4 days in Emerald Isle with a fun group of people and got to begin my 27th year relaxing with a good book and the ocean.

I went from the beach to Columbia South Carolina to see my friend Joe and my favorite band, mewithoutYou.  The show was so good.  If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you might have seen something I posted afterwards that said, “I fell in love with a boy @mewithoutYou tonight.  We danced next to each other & then he shook my hand & walked out of my life.” to which mewithoutYou responded “missed connections, find him!”  Am I the post-to-missed-connections type?  Why not!  *blush*

So coming back to town, it was right back to work Monday morning and I have begun moving into my new place.  I wish I could fast forward and just get in there and get settled but it’ll probably be a two week process and it will definitely be a sparsely decorated house for a while.  But I’ve never lived alone and I’m really excited about it!I don’t have too much on the creative front right now.  I have May’s LMP+QG project to get started on, another quilt I REALLY need to finish, and I’m anxious to finish the hand quilting on my Single Girl quilt which is taking forever.

Sorry again for my absence but thank you for sticking around!  I’ll be back soon, I promise. xo

Krankies craft faire.

This year’s craft faire was awesome!  There were 40 vendors and it was a huge success. I sold two quilts (this one and this one), an apron, and almost all my tea wallets, zip wallets, and tissue holders!

I also got more interest in teaching sewing classes so I’m going to try and do that in February or March.

The wishlist of things I’d like to get with my profits is long, but a walking foot, a roll of batting, and the makings for both a larger project wall and a light box are definites.  Oh, and a crock pot!  And maybe a stand mixer, finally.

Now it’s time to get cracking on some quilts!  I have 7 to finish by the end of March.  Can I do it?  I say yes!

Spending, spending.

I had to take in my Singer today to see about the jamming I complained about recently. I was hoping it was an easy fix but the entire bobbin mechanism will have to be taken apart and put back together again. Apparently a $400 machine can become a $0 machine if something breaks. I don’t want to be to blame for something like that. So another $90 it is for another sewing machine tune up. It makes me both glad and annoyed that I have three machines.

The good news is that the problem with my ruffler foot turned out to just be a threading/tension/forgetting to put the foot down problem (silly me) and that I came home to a lovely package in the mail with the coolest hippopotamus tape on it.
I have often been annoyed at the price of zippers when wanting to make a small bag or pouch. I can justify a $3 zipper on a dress but not when I want to make 20+ bags for the craft faire. Enter ZipIt! I saw the button on some blog’s sidebar (I’m sorry I don’t remember which!), placed an order, and 4 days later (today) I received 100 8″ zippers for $27 and any future purchase is 10% off! Bring on the pouch making.


The blogosphere has been abuzz regarding Denyse Schmidt’s newest fabric line designed for JoAnn’s and it has finally come to Winston. I went this morning and found all 21 bolts but was only able to buy a few. Word has it that they’ll be keeping this in stock for a while so I’m sure I have time to snatch it all up. I see many dresses, a picnic blanket, bags, pouches, etcetera made from this collection!

I have been getting back in the groove of making things for the craft faire.
I am really excited about this one, about spring time and bright colors and all the things I didn’t get to make in December. I got the serger back from the repair shop and it sews wonderfully. I have been serging everything that could use it!